10 Crucial Questions to ask Swimming Pool Builders Before You Sign a Contract

You want your dream pool and you want it now. But to make your dream a reality there are some questions you need to ask your swimming pool builders to ensure that they’re the right team for your dream. Before you sign a contract make sure that you have the best possible swimming pool builders by asking these ten crucial questions:

Do you have a showroom I can look at?

Visiting a showroom allows you a better idea of the customer service swimming pool builders will provide, the kinds of pools they build, and gives you a closer look at the products they carry. In fact, simply knowing that the builders have a showroom indicates that they’re among the many qualified pool companies at your disposal.

How many projects have you done that would make you qualified to build my pool?

Ask about previous swimming pool projects and request example photos of pools similar to yours. If they can provide testimonials and photos of successful pools, then you can rest easy knowing that they have done this before and you won’t be a swimming pool guinea pig.

Is all of the necessary work encompassed in my contract?

Many contractors fail to include all of the work and expenses that they will need in the contract so that the price looks more affordable. If you understand the pool installation process, you can discuss the details with the builders. While every situation is different, and any pool installation can run over estimates due to unforeseen circumstances, you want to make sure that your contract covers as many details as possible, from initial design to final cleanup.

Can you give me any references? How many?

It is important to establish not only that the swimming pool builders you choose are experienced, but that that their past customers are satisfied, even thrilled, with their service. If the swimming pool builders have any trouble giving you a list of happy customers, then you may be talking to the wrong contractors.

Are you a current member of the FSPA and the BBB?

Memberships in both the Florida Swimming Pool Association and the Better Business Bureau probably mean your contractor is qualified and ready to work for you.

Why should I trust you to build my pool?

This is a very simple question, so if the swimming pool builders you are talking to can’t answer it quickly and convincingly, then you may have to consider someone else. Any good business should be able to give you a litany of reasons of why they should be trusted for your pool construction.

How many years have you been in business under your current name and present owners?

This is a great question to find swimming pool builders with strong histories. Sadly, many contractors build some pools, run into financial trouble, go bankrupt and leave behind a bunch of unfinished pools in people’s yards. Even worse, they’ll start all over again a little while later and hope no one notices.

What opportunities for decorations and amenities do you provide?

Many swimming pool builders offer a list of lighting and plumbing options as well as many water features, like fountains, sconces and waterfalls. Ask about all your options. Even if you don’t install them now, you may want them in the future.

Do you provide additional services like landscaping and decking?

If not, can you recommend someone who can? If so, do they work for you or are they a subcontractor? If your vision for your pool includes landscaping, decking or an enclosure, it is best to get all the details as soon as possible.

What is your best design for my vision?

You probably already have your dream pool in mind, and if you do it is important to find swimming pool builders who can turn that dream into reality. Don’t feel pressured to take the first design you see, either. A truly great contractor will work with you to provide you the best possible pool for your money.

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