10 Questions to Ask Your Orlando Pool Builder

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Have you always wanted a pool in your backyard, but don’t know where to start? There is a lot of planning and work that goes into building a pool, not to mention the financial investment on your part, so it’s important to understand your options up front. As you begin this process of designing and building a pool in your backyard, use these 10 Questions to Ask Your Orlando Pool Builder to gather the confidence and knowledge you need to make the best decisions for you and your family.

10 – Can you explain the pool design process and what goes into building a pool?

The first question you should ask is about the pool builder’s overall process. Ask for an overview of their process. Not only will this help paint a picture of the steps that go into building a pool, the explanation may help you come up with additional questions or concerns and give in insight into how organized (or disorganized) the company is.

Review our construction process here!

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9 – What local regulations and codes need to be followed?

Your Orlando pool builder should understand all of the local pool construction regulations and safety codes. Keep in mind that your homeowners association may may have additional regulations specific to your community, but the builder should be able to find these out beforehand. As far as general local and state regulations and the necessary permits, your Orlando pool builder will be able to provide you with all the information you need.

We’ve been building pools in Orlando for over 35 years, and we know the local requirements better than anyone! We’d be happy to answer any of your questions regarding permitting and local codes, just give us a call!

8 – Do you have a portfolio of designs that I can look at?

Unless you are their first pool, they should be able to provide a portfolio of previous pool projects. A good portfolio can not only give you a sense of the builder’s design approach, but can also indicate the level of innovation and custom quality you can expect. Many pool builders use their portfolios to help walk new customers like yourself through the design process, picking out design elements and features that appeal to you.

If you haven’t checked out our portfolio recently, take a look! We’re always adding new pool pictures from our latest projects.

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7 – Do you provide pool landscaping services?

In addition to having a pool installed, some Orlando pool builders also offer quality pool landscaping services. They can help you choose plants and features to help bring more life to your backyard pool area. If they do not offer this service, or work with a partner landscape company, then you may need to ask additional questions about how your surrounding yard will be restored after construction, as the traffic of heavy machinery can destroy a lawn and flower beds.

6 – What are my design options?

Find out as much as you can about the process of having a pool designed specifically for your backyard. Most experienced Orlando pool builders, such as the experts at All Seasons Pools, will work with you to come up with a custom design that meets your needs.

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5 – What type of water features can you install?

Along with other design options, ask about water features if you are interested in having them installed. It is much easier to have water features added during the initial construction of a pool rather than having them added at a later time. 

We offer every kind of water feature imaginable. We’ve even dedicated an entire gallery to them. Check our some of our swimming pool water features here!



4 – How much maintenance will be involved?

Before you have your pool installed, find out what kind of upkeep will be required to make sure you’re prepared for pool ownership. If you are not prepared for the regular upkeep, then you’ll need to consider the regular cost of pool service in your budget. If you prefer leaving pool maintenance to the pro’s, ask if they also service pools. Who better to maintain your pool than the company that built it?

We’d be happy to service your pool once we’ve built it. Just talk to your designer for more information or give our office a call!

3 – Do you have any costumer reviews available?

Find out what past costumers have to say about the Orlando pool builder that you are talking to. Learn what their experiences were and if they were happy with the results. Ask your pool builder if you may talk to a past client or if they know of a reliable site where you can find other reviews. But don’t just take their word for it. Go online and look at popular review sites like Angie’s List and Google for unbiased feedback. Keep in mind that most people choose to leave online reviews when they’re angry and facts may not always be reliable, but the pool builder’s response to any negative reviews can be just as revealing as the reviews themselves.

Are you on Angie’s List? So are we! Look us up to read feedback from other homeowners in your area that have worked with us!

2 – Will you provide me with a price quote?

Every builder will be able to quote you a price. But getting a price you can rely is crucial. Most builders choose not to quote price until they’ve gone through the design process. While this isn’t the answer most homeowners are looking for, it’s actually the most thorough and honest approach, in our opinion. The price of a pool is directly dependent on the design and the chosen features and elements. Once you’ve gone through the design process and arrived at a design you’re happy with, then the builder can accurately price the pool for you and you’ll have the peace of mind that the price quoted is one you can rely on. Go through the quote with the builder and ask them to break it down for you. Make sure you understand exactly what you are getting for that price so there are no nasty surprises.

1 – How long should this process take? How soon can I swim?

You should ask your Orlando pool builder about how long it typically takes to complete the design and construction of a pool. The spring and summer can be a busy time for pool contractors, so you may want to get started as early in the year as possible. In Florida, autumn and winter can be ideal times to build a pool, provided there are no major storms. Make sure that the estimated build time is taking into account not only the typical construction phases, but also the builder’s project load. Then add an extra three weeks to the time table (for your own peace of mind) to allow for delays beyond our control- like heavy rains.

Having a custom pool installed in your backyard is one of the biggest home improvement decisions you may ever have to face. When it comes time to start building, make sure it’s with an Orlando pool builder you can trust! At All Seasons, we

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