12 Festive Patio Decorating Ideas for the Holiday Season

Festive Patio Decorating Ideas

DIY doesn’t have to be hard. These DIY patio ideas can transform your patio into a festive space to gather during the holidays. See how these 12 festive patio decorating ideas can be transformed from fall decor into winter wonderland decorations.

  1. Pine Cone Planters– Instead of putting plants in your containers use pine cones, they will be a no hassle beautiful decoration that can be easily transitioned from fall to winter holidays. In the fall add design elements to the pine cone planters like orange, red, or black burlap and pumpkins. After thanksgiving take out the fall decor and add hollies, tinsel, ornaments, and branches.
    Pine Cone Planters
    Pine Cone Planters
    Photo Credits to The Inspired Home & Garden
  2. Light Stuffed Bottles – If you have eclectic glass bottles around your home and don’t know what to do with them, or you know where you can round some up, fill them with festive lights and line you backyard patio for a fun and different take on Christmas lights. Check out this blog to know how to create your own light stuffed bottles
    Light stuffed bottles
    Light Stuffed Bottles
    Photo Credits to Design Mom
  3. Light Balls – Use chicken wire to create an orb shape. During the fall cover these with orange lights and add a green stem or branch to create pumpkins that won’t go bad before Thanksgiving. Once it’s time to put up holiday lights, cover them in white or colored lights and hang them from tree branches with fishing wire to decorate your trees with fun ornaments. Find out how to make your own light balls here. 

    Light Balls
    Photo Credits to HGTV
  4. Decorated Lights- Put some of your lights up early on your back porch and put fall themed cups or fall colored twine balls over each light to give a thanksgiving feel, then take them of after Thanksgiving when it’s time for Christmas. Viola! You cover two holidays with one string of lights. Check out more DIY decorated lights ideas.

    Decorated Lights
    Photo Credits to Buzzfeed.com
  5. Ceramic Pot Trees – Use old (or new) ceramic pots stacked on top of each other and use wood stars or paint on decorations to turn them into rustic Christmas trees. See how to make your kids a ceramic pot Christmas tree here. 
    Ceramic Pot Trees
    Ceramic Pot Trees
    Photo Credits to Favecrafts
  6. Seasonally Decorated Sidewalk Pavers- Buy cement patio pavers or cement blocks and paint them with seasonal characters. For Thanksgiving paint pumpkin and turkey characters. For the holiday season create santas reindeer, elves or Christmas trees. 

    Seasonally Decorated Sidewalk Pavers
    Photo Credits to Etsy.com
  7. Ornament Wreaths – Take a pool noodle or buy a foam wreath from a arts and craft store and hot glue Christmas ornaments on to create fun, flashy wreaths. if you use gold or silver ornaments you can make your wreath into a fall wreath by adding a orange, black, or burlap bow, then for the Holiday season take that one off and add your favorite Holiday colored bow. You can also use Christmas balls to make an Ornament Wreath, check it out here. 
    Ornament Wreath
    Ornament Wreath
    Photo Credits to Livelovediy.com
  8. Seasonally Colored Plants- While Florida winters aren’t quite the same as a cold norther white Christmas or Thanksgiving, you can still find seasonal plants that will turn your backyard into it’s own Florida winter wonderland.
    Seasonally Colored Plants
    Seasonally Colored Plants 
    Photo Credits to Spaldingbulb.com
  9. Burlap Patio Furniture Slip Covers – For a quick and relatively cheap upgrade to your patio furniture cushion, use burlap and paint on festive stencils and designs depending on the holiday you’re celebrating. Check out this blog for more furniture slip cover ideas. 
    Burlap Patio Furniture Slip Covers
    Burlap Patio Furniture Slip Covers
    Photo Credits to Etsy.com
  10. Tin Can Lanterns – Take all of those cans used to prepare Thanksgiving dinner, take off the wrapper, and use a drill to create festive designs. Once they’re read place them on your patio or around your pool and place a candle inside. Check this blog for other great ideas on how to make your own tin can lanterns
    Tin Can Lanterns
    Tin Can Lanterns
    Photo Credits to  Grow Creative Blog
  11. Mason Jar Oil Lamps – Nothing says it’s the holiday season like twinkling light and the smell of pine and spruce. Find out how to make your own mason jar oil lamps here.
    Mason Jar Oir Lamps
    Mason Jar Oil Lamps
    Photo Credits to Favething.com
  12. Glittered Pine Cone Garland – Grab some pine cones, dip in glue, roll in glitter the color of your choice, and string them around your patio for a festive holiday season decoration! See this blog to know how to make a glittered pine cone garland
    Glittered Pine Cone Garland
    Glittered Pine Cone Garland
    Photo Credits to Prettyhandygirl.com

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