November, 2015

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Swimming Pools are More Than a Place to Swim

The sun shines down year around in the beautiful state of Florida, but that is why so many people love living in the area. The heat always leads to one of two areas; the pristine beaches or the crystal clear poolside. Both provide a great place to escape, but having

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Why You Should Build Your Pool in the Fall or Winter

build your pool in the fall

Florida is not exactly known for blustery winters and excessive amounts of snow. In fact, it usually doesn’t get cold enough to require pool owners to have to cover or winterize their pool at the end of the year. However, most homeowners aren’t exactly keen on swimming in the middle

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5 Outdoor Living Features for the Whole Family

outdoor living features

Having a pool in your backyard can enhance your summer experience, but what about the rest of the year? Because Florida winters tend to be more on the mild side, adding certain features to your yard can maximize comfort so that you can appreciate your outdoor space year round. Consider

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Lighting Designs to Make Your Florida Pool Shine

Florida pool lighting

If you have a pool, or you are thinking about having a pool built, you should consider having lights installed. With varying lighting designs, you can turn your pool into an enchanted scene for all to enjoy. Here are the different ways in which your Florida pool lighting can make

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