7 Ideas for Planning the Perfect Graduation Pool Party


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Are you the proud parent of an upcoming Florida graduate? Then you know that half of the graduation process is the celebration that goes along with it. Everyone wants to have the best graduation party and most of your guests, as well as yourself, will probably be visiting a handful of graduation parties around the same time. If you want to plan a graduation party that will stand out from the rest and you happen to own a pool, then make sure you look over these 7 ideas for planning the perfect graduation pool party.

Planning Food and Drinks

For some, food and drinks can be the main attraction at a party. To be a hit, you need good food! This doesn’t mean you have to prepare a three-course meal, but aim to have a good spread. Consider a buffet layout with several options. This way, everyone can find something they like. Always have a mixture of hot and cold. If you have chicken wings or ribs, serve coleslaw or potato salad to balance out the flavors.

Deciding on the Right Decorations

You do not have to go overboard when planning decorations. The best decorations are items that are easy to setup and easy to cleanup. Avoid anything that you worry about getting into the pool, such as paper streamers and other easily destroyed decorations. Some simple ideas include using balloons and ribbons to decorate chairs and food stands. Purchase a couple of cheap tablecloths to cover tables with the food and drinks to give them a festive look.

Send Invitations Early

It’s important to send out invitations early enough that people can ask for the day off or plan accordingly. As the date approaches, you may find that other families are planning graduation parties on the same day.

Ensure Your Pool is Ready for Swimming

That last thing you want to happen during your party is have everyone to show up in swimming suits only to find out the pool is out of commission. Before the party starts, perform your routine pool maintenance. Check your filters and pumps and have your water tested.

Get a Cake

Even though we’ve already covered food and drinks, the graduation cake is in it’s own category! Most bakeries offer custom designs and messages, but may require up to three weeks advance notice. Stop by your bakery earlier to look over cake options and place your order ahead of time to ensure it is ready for the party.

Follow Your Pool Safety Rules

Even if most of your guests will not be swimming, you should still follow all of your normal pool safety rules. Keep an eye on anyone, especially children, standing near the pool, and discourage running near or around the pool.

Make Sure Your Graduate Has Fun

This party is for your graduate after all, so include them when planning this fun event. Find out what they want to eat and what their favorite cake flavor is. As long as he or she is happy, that is all that really matters!

Planning the perfect graduation pool party will be a breeze if you consider some of the suggestions that were mentioned above. Just remember to have fun and enjoy the day with your new graduate. If you like the idea of throwing a pool party but do not have a pool, then contact All Season Pools today to learn more about backyard pool installation. You can also check our Pinterest account for more tips and ideas.


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