Accessorize Your Pool with Lighting

A backyard swimming pool is perfect for recreation and summer fun, but without nighttime lights it can get pretty dark and that can be unsafe. An important and sometimes overlooked safety feature, lighting turns your pool into an all-hours swimming zone. The expert Orlando pool builders at All Seasons Pools can show you what pool with lighting system would be best for your pool.

Types of pools lights 

White lights are classy and elegant. They flatter any type of pool and accent the natural aqua glow of your pool water. Install classic white pool lights and connect them to a timer to automatically light up your pool at night.

While you’re most familiar with white pool lights, they are not the only kind. Colored LED lights bring a fabulous light show to your pool. All Seasons Pools offers the WaterColors Light System from Jandy. This innovative pool lighting system allows you to choose one of five pre-set light shows or continuously cycle through light colors. These LED pool lights use only 50 watts of power, making them eco-friendly. Connect these awesome Jandy lights to your existing pool monitoring system or hook them up to a single light switch.

Pros and cons of pool lights 

Pool lights are not only necessary in Florida, they are an important safety feature. Without lights, you won’t know if someone is in danger in the pool. Lights also help people see their way around the pool deck in the dark so they can avoid obstacles and enter and exit the pool safely. Lights make your pool look more beautiful without spending a lot of extra money. Consider them a type of inexpensive decor for your pool.

You’ll love pool lights once you install them. Call the expert Orlando pool builders at All Seasons Pools today to learn more about pool lighting options.

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