Basic Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips from Your Source of Jacksonville Pool Builders and Installations Providers

poolmaintenancepicHere at All Seasons Pools, we are expert Jacksonville pool builders, but we want to help you keep your new pool looking fresh and great all year round! Here are five tips to help you!

1. Never drain your pool – draining your pool will ruin your swimming pool liner. Almost 90% of the time, the pool liner will not be able to hold water if you drain it all out. There are ways to clean a stain or to patch a hole without draining the pool.

2. Keep pH levels between 7.2 and 7.8 – A value of 7 means the swimming pool water is pretty neutral. When the levels are below 7, the water is acidic, and if the level is above 7, then it is basic. The major reason the pH levels should stay slightly more basic is because the pH level of the human eye is between these levels. We want to keep these levels steady to have safe swimming conditions.

3. Keep chlorine level near 2.0 – If the chlorine level is any less than that, then you will want to shock the pool. If the level is higher than that, then lessen the amount you are putting into the pool.

4. If you use a salt system – The levels depend on the kind of salt system you have installed. Many of these systems require the salt levels to be around 3000ppm, but others are as low as 1000ppm. It really just depends on preference; some people like the lower levels because they don’t want to taste the salt when they are swimming, but others may not even notice. One thing to be aware of when using salt systems is that the salt can be very corrosive, so pay attention to any damage to your pool when using them. If you ever have any questions about this, or anything else, feel free to contact All Seasons Pools, the premier Jacksonville Pool Builders.

5. Consistency – If these chemical levels are not up to par most to all of the time, algae or other bacterial substance may grow in the pool. Create a maintenance system where you check these levels every other day, or something similar, so you can keep the swimming pool healthy.

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