Bigger than it Looks: Things Your Need to Construct a Pool

Orlando pools may look simple from a distance, just a large hole dug in the ground, coated in cement, and then filled with water, right? If only constructing and operating Orlando pools was this simple. The plumbing system that goes into building a pool is very specific and must be able to handle filtering and cleaning a massive body of water continuously in order to ensure the water’s cleanliness and prevent it from becoming a potential health hazard. At All Seasons Pools, we believe that the more you know about your Orlando pool and what it takes to build it, the more you’ll want to take care of it so that you can enjoy your Orlando pool for years and years to come.

Things you need to construct a pool:

  • Basin – This is where the pool itself will be built and all plumbing installed. It is the body of the pool itself.
  • Motorized pump – The pump is needed to push the water through the filtration system and plumbing. It works continuously and must be powerful enough to circulate a large amount of water.
  • Water filter – A water filter is needed to clean physical debris, dust, and any other physical contaminant from the water. Water filters must be cleaned regularly as debris regularly accumulates.
  • Chemical feeder – The chemical feeder supplies the water in the pool with the chemicals (such as chlorine or another chemical if chosen) that sanitize the water and prevent algae, germs, and any other fungi from populating the water.
  • Drains – Water leaves the body of the pool through drains so that it can be treated and processed.
  • Returns – Once water is treated, it is reintroduced into the pool through the returns.
  • PVC plastic plumbing – The plastic plumbing connects all of these elements within your pool and allows for the constant flow of water into and out of the body of the pool.

These elements all work together, circulating constantly to keep your Orlando pools as clean as possible. Each of these elements must be installed with great care to ensure that your pool functions properly and lasts. All Seasons Pools is here to make sure that your current or future pool is as much fun as possible with a minimum of fuss and hassle with maintenance. Call us today at (877) 410-7665 to receive a quote on Orlando pools.

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