Building a Pool in Orlando

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If you are wondering how to build a pool in Orlando you have come to the right place. Getting a pool put in your backyard can be quite the hassle if you don’t use the right custom pool builder. When you get the right pool builder your pool can be completed in efficiently and in a timely manner. There are so many different things that will be going on in your backyard when you start building a pool. Learn how it’s done right.

Getting Started

After you’ve found the perfect custom pool builder the process is kicked off with one of the most fun aspects of a new pool, the design process! During this time you get to sit down with your pool designer and map out exactly what you want your pool to look like and all of the features that go along with it. Once this process of designing the pool and getting the proper permits is complete the actual digging begins. A good pool company can finish the sod removal, pool shape lay out, dig, and steel installation in about a day if there aren’t any outside complications. Once these steps are complete the steel will need to pass inspection to move on with the process.

Getting the Pool Set Up

Once the steel has passed inspection one of the coolest parts of the process happens. This is when the gunite or concrete is put into place. The craftsmen who do this are highly skilled and it is a lot of fun to see them working on shaping the pool. You definitely want to be home for this step of the process. After the gunite is put in the pool begins to look like an actual pool and less like a giant hole in your yard. When the gunite is in next comes rough plumbing, water tile line installation, and your decking.

Tidying Up and Fill the Pool

Once all the construction is out of the way it’s time to clean up and start filling your pool! A good pool builder will come to the site and start cleaning up to get everything ready for landscaping and build the protective screens if you’ve decide on one in your design. Before you can fill your pool with water the interior will be placed. After the interior is finished and the pool is filled, you’re pool builder will send out a technician to make sure all the equipment is set up and train you how to use it.

All of this can be finished in a timely manner and efficiently when you use a good swimming pool construction company like All Seasons Pools. If you want to see what every step of building a pool in Orlando looks like check it out here. Take a look at our interactive pool design or download our How to Choose a Pool Builder Check List here.

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