Concord Station Swimming Pool Tour

Concord Station Swimming Pool Tour

All Seasons Pools and Spas has decades of experience, designing original pool layout for all types of backyards. Their expert designers can create a unique backyard pool design to meet any of your needs. To view their craftsmanship and attention to detail, take look at this fantastic pool tour. 

Stunning Geometric Pool

Geometric Pool


Geometric pool with sheer descents, swim up bar, and sunken kitchen. As you can see, a lot of detail went into the design of this pool. Notice how the various elements all reflect the general geometric shape of the pool. Notice how the various elements all reflect the general geometric shape of the pool, including the kitchen and decking. 


Paver Deck and Coping

Geometric Pool

Blended white and tan paver deck and coping. The beautiful white and tan decking accents the pool finish and creates the perfect backdrop of the rest of the pool area. 


Sheer Descents 

Geometric Pool

1′ raised deck with 2 sheer descents and loungers. Sheer descents are one of the most popular options for pool entry. The loungers provide a space to sit back and relax, while cooling in the water. 


Swim Up Bar

Geometric Pool

Swim up bar tools in pool. The addition of a swim up bar transforms this pool into a great area for entertaining guests. Guests can place their refreshments at the bar, while they go for a swim around the pool. 


Sunken Kitchen Area

Sunken kitchen area, with an 8′ kitchen, including a grill, refrigerator, and drawers. The sunken kitchen area offers all the features you would need. A fully functional kitchen, the sunken layer helps create privacy without having to block the view with large fences or trees. 


Premium Pebble Interior Finish 

Geometric Pool

The inside of the pool features a premium pebble interior design finish. This finish manages to look both elegant and natural at the same time. One look and this pool is immediately the envy of any of the guests. 


Colored Lighting 

Geometric Pool

The colored lighting in the pool and the kitchen area is the one final small touch that goes a long way towards creating the right atmosphere. In the evening, the lights can be adjusted to set a different mood. 

The Perfect Outdoor Retreat

If you like what you see, then contact All Seasons Pools today. This pool is just a small example of the possibilities. Visit All Seasons Pools to view more samples and pool tours or to begin planning your own backyard retreat.


About All Seasons Pools

All Seasons Pools has been a trusted pool expert for Orlando, St.Augustine, Jacksonville, The Villages and other Atlantic coast communities since 1979. Started by John and Diane Watts, they specialize in creating amazing and unique backyard retreats for families to enjoy, including top-of-the-line custom pools and amazing outdoor living areas. They work hard to fulfill their motto to “leave every customer with a smile.”

As members of the Association of Pool & Spa Professions and Florida Swimming Pool Association, they put a strong emphasis on being strong, reliable builders and staying up-to-date on the latest pool industry technology and design trends. Visit their swimming pool gallery to see pools ranging from signature and geometric designs to natural forms.

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