Find Out Which Type of Inground Pool in Jacksonville, FL is Right For You

There are four different types of inground pools, and they can be really confusing if you are not familiar with the industry jargon. Here is a simple guide to the four kinds of inground pools to make your decision process a little bit easier:

1. Fiberglass Pools – Like the name implies, fiberglass pools are made from fiberglass-reinforced plastic molded into a basin shape. The construction is fairly simple: the pool builders dig the correct sized hole, lay down the plumbing first, add some filler and then lower the pool mold into the hole. They then level the pool and hook up all the plumbing. A concrete deck typically surrounds the inground pool. Fiberglass pools are very low maintenance and there is no lifetime cost. There are no liners to replace or resurfacing costs.

2. Vinyl-lined – Similar to fiberglass inground pools, the hole is dug and then a metal, plastic or wood frame around the hole’s perimeter is assembled. Sand is laid along the bottom of the pool and the vinyl lining is secured to the structural wall. Vinyl-lined inground pools are a lot more inexpensive but not as durable as gunite or concrete pool. The liner needs to be replaced about every ten years.

3. Gunite – Gunite inground pools are the most popular in the United States. After the hole is dug, a framework grid of steel reinforcing rods are placed and secured. Then, a heavy coating of gunite, a mixture of cement and sand, is sprayed on the framework. The pool can be finished with plaster, a special concrete paint, tile, exposed aggregate, or fiberglass. Gunite swimming pools are highly durable.

4. Poured-concrete – Poured-concrete inground pools are a lot harder to build compared to Gunite pools. The cement is poured instead of sprayed. However, concrete pools can be built in any size or shape and repairs don’t typically mean replacements, usually it is just re-plastering or acid washing.

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