Free Upgrades with New Pool Purchase

Take Advantage of These FREE Pool Upgrades

This holiday season, when you purchase a new pool with All Seasons Pools, you can get up to $4,000 in FREE pool upgrades when you choose four of the products below. Learn more about the upgrades to see which one will best fit your new pool and help keep it operating efficiently and effectively.

AquaPure Ei Salt Generator

The Jandy Pro Series AquaPure Ei delivers the ultimate swimming pool experience without any hassle. Enjoy soft, silky water that is free of conventional chlorine. And the AquaPure Ei sanitizes the water automatically, so you’ll spend less time worrying about your pool and more time enjoying it.

Clear O3 Ozone Generator

Reduce the demand for pool chemicals by up to 60 percent with the Clear O3 Ozone Generator from Paramount. Ozone actively breaks down non-living waste products in pool water, which can combine with traditional chlorine to form unhealthy byproducts that can irritate skin and cause other issues. The use of ozone also allows the chlorine to work more effectively as a disinfectant.

Jandy WaterColors Light System

Bring a palette of color to your outdoor oasis with the Jandy Pro Series WaterColors LED light system. The WaterColors system operates with less than 50 watts of power, reducing your energy bill by up to 90 percent! Choose from five color shows or transition through continuously changing colors.

Ultra UV Ultraviolet Sanitizing System

Give your pool water an additional layer of protection with the Ultra UV Water Sanitizer from Paramount. As water circulates through its chamber, the ultraviolet light immediately inactivates 99.9 percent of chlorine-resistant micro-organisms and algae, giving you cleaner and clearer water.

Zodiac MX6 Pool Cleaner

The Zodiac MX6 pool cleaner is an ultra-efficient low-flow robotic pool cleaner that cleans more aggressively than any other cleaner in its class. This MX6 offers a number of features, including a low-flow energy-efficient design, optimized flow control, intelligent bi-directional navigation and much more. Keep your pool clean and clear with this best-in-class vacuum.

Melody Soundcast Music System

Keep the party going outside with this Bluetooth speaker designed to provide superior sound quality in crisp detail and perfect tonal balance. Melody features a lightweight, all-weather design, making it a perfect addition to your backyard fun. Stream your favorite music while you’re enjoying a dip in the pool, and don’t worry, with a 20-hour rechargeable battery, Melody will be able to last during your entire swim.

SAVI LED Bubbler

Give your pool a little life with the SAVI LED bubbler. This perfect addition provides lighted bubbling for water spouts in beach entries, sun shelves, steps and fountains. The bubbler features full-color LED lighting, giving your pool a gorgeous glow at night that all will enjoy.

Next Step LED Waterfall

Add an artistic element to your pool with the Next Step LED waterfall. Whether you enjoy the sound of rushing water or seeing the continuous flow of it, this is a perfect addition to your new pool. And when the sun goes down, watch the beautiful LED light display add a relaxing ambiance to your poolscape.

Contact All Seasons Pools today to get the backyard you’ve always dreamed of, and choose four of these awesome upgrades with a new pool purchase!

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