Fun Halloween Pool Decoration Ideas

Halloween Fun Ideas

For many people, Halloween is a fun time of year to decorate. And it can be an especially fun time to incorporate your outdoor living space into your ghoulish décor. So how do you go about getting your poolscape into the spirit of the season? Easy…classic orange and black out your inner Halloween enthusiast and to transform your backyard into a festive haunt for all to enjoy. 

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins

Nothing says Halloween more than the classic pumpkin. Whether your carved jack-o’-lantern features a simple design or something more elaborate, these staples are the easiest way to add some poolside ambiance. Have your kids bring some friends over for a pumpkin carving party to maximize the amount or carved pumpkins you can incorporate around your pool. Once they’re all carved, place them around the perimeter of your pool or sporadically throughout your landscaping to create a soft glow perfect for Halloween night. 

Backyard Graveyard 

Turn your backyard into a walkable graveyard, complete with homemade tombstones, spooky ghost and torch lighting. If you’re hosting a party this year, this is a great chance to maximize your space and bring the party outside. Keep guests entertained with witty tombstone qoutes, hidden ghouls, large rats and bats, and whatever else your imagination can think of to create the perfect creepy cemetery your guests can enjoy. 

Bloody Footprints

Lead guests astray by having them follow a trail of “bloody” footprints around your pool patio and deck. Simply step into washable red paint and walk your way around your poolscape, making a bloody trail as you go. Be sure to carry your supplies with you, in case you need to redo your feet. 

The Perfect Table Setting

Forgo campy Halloween decorations this year – think the plastic orange and black table coverings and paper plates – for a more vintage and haunting feel. Use your fabulous outdoor dining area to create a spread that features tattered lace or cheesecloth table coverings, glass jars and candelabras. Visit your local second-hand store for inexpensive, old-fashioned décor that is sure to conjure the spirits. 

The best thing about decorating for Halloween is that the options truly are endless and a matter of taste. And if you plan accordingly, many DIY Halloween decorations can be stored and used again for many years to come. Happy Hauntings!


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