Get Started on Your Pool Design Before Summer

Pool Design

Before we know it, the short and warm Florida spring will be here, followed in quick succession by the scorching and humid Florida summer. Even the most stalwart native Floridians begin to long for the cool relaxation you can find in a Orlando swimming pool after the first month of 80-plus degree days.

Clearly, the best solution is to have your own pool to cool off in during the summer, but in order to have your pool ready for summer, you need to start designing it now.

Start Online

We recommend that you start creating your dream pool design on our website. We have a fantastic Orlando pool design web app that will help you to visualize how your new swimming pool will look in a virtual backyard. If you’d rather look at real-world examples of work we’ve done, check out our gallery and note the various design aspects you want to include in your own pool.

Meet with Us

Once you’ve figured out the various elements you want in your design, you should set up a meeting with one of our skilled designers. They will help you to see how your design ideas can come together and how they will work on your actual property. You can add, subtract or change whatever you like at this point to come up with the finalized design.

Breaking Ground

When you sign off on the final design, we’ll start all of the work necessary to break ground and build your pool. Our Orlando pool builders will obtain the necessary permits and start the process of digging out and building up your new custom pool.

If you want your dream pool to be swim-ready for summer, you will need to remember that the entire design and build process takes time. We encourage you to get started on your design and call us today to begin.

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