How to Clean the Main Drain

There are many parts that make up the main drain in your Orlando pool. As part of your monthly and weekly pool maintenance, you should make sure your main drain is always clean to ensure that it is properly functioning at all times. When not cleaned correctly, your main drain may clog or break. This will prevent your Orlando pool from draining or filtering the water. Read more to learn how to clean your main drain.

1. First, clean the cover of the main drain. Main drains use a cover to prevent the drain from creating a vortex that could potentially be dangerous. The cover traps things like leaves and hair from entering the main drain.

2. Use a clog buster to clear any debris from the main drain. The clog buster fits over the main drain of your Orlando pool and creates a seal across the opening, and pressurizes the other side. This allows you to flush the main drain until any obstructions pass out of the drain. Repeat this process until the drain is completely clear.

3. Next, use chemicals to clean your entire pool. Chlorine is the most common chemical used, but it just depends on your type of pool. Do not swim in the pool until the pool’s chemical balance is at the correct pH levels.

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