Is a DIY Water Feature a Good Idea?

DIY Water Features

 Have you thought about adding a water feature to your backyard pool? While any water feature, from a waterfall to a fountain, can look great in a pool, when it comes to do-it-yourself projects, there is a lot to consider. The idea of saving money by installing a water feature on your own may sound great, but the reality is that there are numbers of dangers to tackling this project on your own. Take a look at this list of potential dangers with a DIY water feature.


DIY Water Features

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Damage Risks

The first concern with installing a water feature on your own is the risk of damaging your pool. If anything goes wrong, you could damage the liner of your pool, create cracks, or even end up damaging your surrounding landscape and possibly your home. Without the proper equipment and materials, the chances of causing major damage are increased.

Safety Hazard

In addition to the risk of damage, there are safety hazards involved in the project. Water features involve electrical wiring, which means safety guidelines need to be followed. Unless you are a certified electrician, most water feature installations could be potentially dangerous or even illegal for you to carry out on your own.

Compromised Warranty

Most pools come with a warranty. This warranty can save you in the event that your pool is damaged during its service life, unless you have compromised the warranty by carrying out your own projects. There is a good chance that installing a water feature on your own will void the warranty provided by the pool company.

Fewer Options for Service and Repair

To go along with a compromised warranty, you may also be left with fewer options when it comes to servicing or repairing your pool, as most companies will not be willing to deal with your unlicensed DIY water feature installation. Your DIY project could create a safety hazard for workers coming to repair or service your pool. Without expert maintenance, all future repairs would become DIY projects too.

Lowered Property Value

In the event you do complete a DIY water feature installation and your pool is destroyed, the damage you cause could lower your property value. A beautiful backyard pool can easily add value to your property, but a broken pool will have the exact opposite effect. Maintain your pool and your home value by avoiding DIY pool projects.

Higher End Cost

Often times, the entire reason for a DIY project is to save money; however, unfortunately, it is more likely that a DIY water feature will end up costing you more. If anything goes wrong during the project, the repairs will not be covered by the warranty. Any damage you create is yours to pay. Furthermore, you may need to purchase or rent special equipment and tools for this one time project.

More Time to Construct

Finally, if the above reasons were not enough to persuade you that a DIY water feature can be a bad idea, you should know that it will probably take you much longer to complete the project than it would if you hired a professional. A pool company that is experienced in the installation of water features and that has completed thousands of installations will be much more efficient and quick.

As you can see, there are numerous reasons to avoid installing a water feature on your own. You could easily damage your pool, void your warranty, and end up with a large mess that costs more to clean up than it would for you to have contacted a pool company in the first place. Including water features at the time of pool construction has quickly become the standard in pool design. In fact, most of our pool designs include at least one water feature. It is more cost effective to include the water feature during the construction of the pool, but you may be able to have a water feature installed in your existing pool. While we do not handle remodels, we are happy to refer you to a reputable company nearby.

We Know Water Features!

If you do plan on adding a water feature to your existing pool or during the construction of a new pool, let us help you make the right choice.

There are a lot of different water features that will look great in any pool. Some of our favorite water features include waterfalls, bubblers, deck jets, and sheer descents.


WaterfallsWaterfalls and Sheer Descents – This type of water feature can add more height and dimension to your pool. Not only are waterfalls and sheer descents pleasing to look at, they are also fun to play in and swim through.




BubblersBubblers – If you want something with a little more splash, bubblers are a fun addition. A bubbler creates a spray of water that spouts up out of the pool. They are often installed in shallow areas, such as the steps or on a beach entry.




deck-jetsDeck Jets – For a large spray, choose deck jets. Deck jets create streaming arcs of water that shoot from your pool decking into your pool. Choose a specific arc for your water stream, with deck jets capable of streaming water a distance of over 13 feet away.



Laminars – If you would rather have an impressive lighting effect for the night time, then consider laminars. Laminars are lighted arcs of water that look truly amazing at night.

In addition to water features, there are other methods of adding more atmosphere to your pool, such as grottos, swim up bars, and pool slides.

By adding a water feature on your own, you risk damaging your pool. Your best option for bringing more fun to your pool with a delightful water feature is to allow a professional to handle the installation. If you have an existing pool that you want to spruce up with the addition of a water feature, then call All Seasons Pools for a recommendation today!

For those in the Orlando area, contact or visit All Seasons Pools to learn more about water features and how they can bring more excitement to your backyard.

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