Keeping your Jacksonville Pool Chemicals Safe

Hot weather is always a magnet for people wanting to spend time in pools, and the Jacksonville residents are no exception. Keeping Jacksonville pools clean and clear means having chemicals around the property and in the water itself. Keeping yourself safe around these harsh chemicals can keep you from being one of 5,200 ER visits a year for pool chemical related injuries (according to the CDC). Here are some of the best tips to keep you and yours safe this hot weather season.

Don’t Mix Them Up

You’d be surprised how many residents go to clean a Jacksonville pool and start mixing chlorine and other pool cleaners together before they go into the pool. Chlorine should never mix with other chemicals, no matter what. Add the cleaners into the pool one at a time, preferably in separate areas of the pool, using a pool brush or other items to mix throughout the pool.

Safety First

Wearing protective eye wear like goggles and clothing with sleeves and pant legs can help you stay safe in the event that the chemicals splash. Taking a moment to rethink your wardrobe may help you.

Store Properly

These chemicals should be kept dry and how the safety guidelines instruct. Don’t keep them so close to the pool where they can get mixed up or stay wet, which can lead to problems and safety concerns later.

Keep Them Locked Away

Keep the cabinet with the chemicals locked so that pets and children aren’t able to wander in. Putting them high on a shelf “away from kids and pets” can backfire if they were to get spilled or dropped on you accidentally.

Jacksonville pools are refreshing on a hot summer day. Killing bacteria and germs are what the pool chemicals are made to do, but remember to be aware of their potential harm. Always practice safety first. Call the experts at All Seasons Pools if you have more questions about pool chemicals.

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