Learn All About the Swimming Pool Construction Process

asp pool constructionBuilding a swimming pool is no easy task. It takes a team of professionals to make the job go smoothly and for the end product to be exactly what you pictured. But what really happens in the pool building process? Here is a basic overview of the steps of the swimming pool construction process, but, of course, they may vary:

1. Leveling the pool site – any existing vegetation, grass or rocks must be removed in the area the pool will built. A clean and level area helps with the remaining steps.

2. Layout – The pool builder will spray an outline of the exact dimensions of the pool you have discussed. Be sure this is the layout you want.

3. Excavation – Heavy equipment is used to remove all the dirt from the pool layout. The hole is usually dug six inches larger to make room for the forming material that will be placed.

4. Plumbing – All plumbing for the pump, vacuum, and water circulation will be placed using PVC pipe. Any other pool equipment you have chosen will be installed as well.

5. Electricity – wiring for the the lighting in the pool will be installed.

6. Inspections – There are inspections happening throughout the entire construction, but at this point local authorities should be notified to come inspect the site.

7. Concrete or vinyl – Methods of foundation installation vary based on your preference.

8. Decking, coping and tile – Whichever pool decking you chose (concrete, bricks, pavers, etc) will be installed as well as the coping and tile if it is in your design.

9. Barriers – The site is cleaned up and any pool safety barriers are installed. Some areas require pool barriers.

10. Interior Finishing – There are several interior finishes to choose from. Once this is installed the pool is ready to be filled with water!

All Seasons Pools will work with you to design and create your dream in ground pool or spa. Our professional and experienced Orlando pool builders service the entire North & Central Florida area. Give us a call today!

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