Learn How to Choose a Pool Builder

How to Choose a Pool Builder

Adding a pool to your backyard is an investment and big decision, so it is important to always choose a reliable, experienced pool builder! You don’t want to get stuck with a team that doesn’t know what they are doing, or who doesn’t construct dependable products. Avoid making the wrong choice by learning how to properly choose a pool builder. We have provided you the valuable steps below:

1. Word of Mouth

Perhaps the best referral is from a friend, family member or a co-worker. Start your search for the best pool builder by asking the people you trust most as you know they will give you great referrals. They are a reliable source for valuable information. Referrals can often times tell you the Pool Builder’s workmanship, offers, professionalism and of course, customer service. If they were personally happy with the overall pool building process offered by a certain Pool Builder, they will surely suggest them to you!

2. Actual Business Location

When choosing the right pool builder, take a look at their show room. They should have an actual business location. Avoid builders that work out of their house or truck – as they could easily disappear with your money without completing the installation of your pool.

3. Insurance

You should also check that the pool builder you choose has commercial liability insurance and worker’s compensation coverage. Ask for an actual copy of their insurance information and contact the insurance company in order to verify that they have coverage. During the installation of your pool, your backyard will be considered a construction site, and ensuring your builder is insured will give you the peace of mind in knowing that you are covered in the event that anything goes wrong.

4. Waivers

If your pool builder is going to use vendors and subcontractors, then ask them to furnish lien waivers. This protects you in case the pool builder is unable or for any reason does not pay their laborers. A lien waiver will give your protection and help ensure that those individuals are paid and have no claims against your property.

5. Contracts

Before signing any contract, thoroughly read every line before construction begins. It does not matter what promises your pool builder makes, you need to read the contract and make sure that everything you discussed is included. If everything is in order, you can sign the contract.

6. Warranty

Obtain a copy of their warranty before construction begins and read through it. You want to ensure that you have an understanding of what the coverage includes, such as the individual warranty on the shell, the tiles, coping, deck, plaster, plumbing and equipment. Some warranties are carefully worded with tricky exclusions – look for phrases such as “settling or shifting soils” and “ground movement”. If they will not provide a copy of the warranty in advance, then you should look for another pool builder.

7. References or Testimonials

Get references from your pool builder. Ask for a list of happy customers and make a few phone calls to verify your pool builder performed a satisfactory job. A trustworthy pool builder should have no problem providing with some references. Make sure that your pool builder has experience providing other families with satisfactory service.

8. Finally, do your homework.

Using the internet, you can easily perform some searches for information about choosing the right pool builder for your new pool for your Florida backyard. Research pool ideas and research your pool builder. You can check the Pool Builder’s website and see their signature pools, the types and designs of pool they can install and what offers they can make. Most pool builders offer financing, promos and deals which you should consider too.

By following these simple precautions you can help ensure that the pool builder you choose can be trusted to build the swimming pool you have been dreaming about. We pride ourselves in quality work at All Seasons Pools, so contact us today to let us help you build your dream pool!

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