Lighting Designs to Make Your Florida Pool Shine

Florida pool lighting

If you have a pool, or you are thinking about having a pool built, you should consider having lights installed. With varying lighting designs, you can turn your pool into an enchanted scene for all to enjoy. Here are the different ways in which your Florida pool lighting can make your pool the place to be, from light shows to illuminated water features and more.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Okay, there’s no camera in this particular situation, but there are definitely lights and action! With a system like Jandy WaterColors Light System, you can pre-program up to five light shows. Imagine the endless possibilities with the ability to have ever-changing colors in your pool. You can set the colors to whichever you deem appropriate for the occasion.

These colors will dance throughout your pool, illuminating the water. Not only is night swimming made easier, it is also a magnificent sight to see. This type of pool lighting can transform your backyard into a magical space for entertaining your friends and family.

Illuminated Water Features

If you want to take your Florida pool lighting to the next level, consider incorporating these lights into your water features. With a fountain, for instance, you can make it seem as if the water itself is turning all different colors of the rainbow. This water can spill over into your pool, where your pool lighting will continue the illusion.

Water features with lighting can turn your backyard into a tropical retreat where you go to relax and let your worries wash away. If you have a hot tub or a water feature of the sort, you can brighten the spillover with changing lights. Cascading waters of all colors can enhance your backyard’s ambiance and turn it into something that is out of this world.

Subtle, Yet Awe-Inspiring Florida Pool Lighting

For those who aren’t crazy about the idea of having whacky colors in their pool, that’s okay, too! You can still incorporate yellow or natural-colored lights to your pool to create a beautiful outdoor space. These lights can be used to highlight certain features of your pool which you want to stand out.

For instance, if you have a waterfall feature in your pool, you can place lights behind the water to make this a focal point of your space, even at night. Subtle lighting in the pool can also create a hazy and dreamy effect in your pool to set a relaxing mood.

Lighting in natural pools can enhance the overall atmosphere, taking your space to the next level. Natural pools usually have gardens or trees surrounding the space to give off a totally natural vibe. Pool lighting can help cast a glow on these gardens so that you can appreciate their beauty at night, all while feeling like you’re floating in a fairytale oasis.

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