Must-Have Pool Equipment for Your Backyard Paradise


Let’s face it: few people install a swimming pool just so they can go for leisurely swims in the afternoon. Swimming pools are there for entertainment and fun—you put one in because you’re looking forward to hosting great barbecues and having parties where people can cool off and play swimming sports right in the backyard. Since that’s the case, you definitely don’t want to stop at the pool installation—you want to outfit everything just right and add all the bells and whistles. Take some time today to check out our stock of must-have pool equipment for your backyard getaway, just in time for our Pick 2 Giveaway!

Must-Have Pool Equipment

When you’re building your list of must-have pool equipment, it’s likely to differ wildly from the one your neighbor puts together. Everyone’s backyard oasis is unique to them—it sells your sense of style and taste as well as providing an ideal spot for fun in the sun. Here are some great suggestions for the perfect pool accessories and amenities to make sure your guests are wowed by what you’ve got to offer.

LED Waterfall or Bubbler

Waterfalls and bubblers are a big deal in pools right now. They add a natural feel as well as a sense of fun and excitement to your pool. Why not, however, take your waterfall to the next level by adding colored LED lights to the effect? Your bubbler or waterfall can be colored with vibrant or even shifting colors so that when the lights go down, the “oohs” and “ah’s” kick up. If it’s a party atmosphere you’re looking for, you can’t beat the effect of a colored LED bubbler or waterfall.


Ultraviolet Systems and Ozonators

Everyone wants to keep their pool clean, fresh and free from debris and algae. Cut down on the bacterial and algae growth in your pool, and keep the water super-refreshing by installing an ultraviolet system and ozonator. Not only do these systems work to remove unwanted contaminants from the water, but they help to clean it so that people feel even more refreshed and invigorated from the time they spend swimming.

Salt Generators

Have you considered a salt-water pool? These are becoming more popular with each passing year. They eliminate the need for artificially balancing chemicals like chlorine and replace them with a natural experience that isn’t much different than swimming in a chlorine pool. If you’re worried that it’s too much like ocean water, have no fear—the salt levels in pools are far less than in the ocean and essentially create a continuous source of cleaning chemicals.

Salt-water swimming pools have a much lower need for maintenance than chlorinated pools, and they all but clean themselves. They don’t create the nasty by-product chemicals that traditional maintenance does, and eliminate many of the side effects of chlorine pools such as skin and eye irritation.

Pick 2 Giveaway

If you’re wondering whether this year is a good time to get into building and outfitting your pool with the greatest getaway equipment, be assured that it’s the perfect time! We are offering a great deal for all of those looking to install a pool this year. For every new pool sold, you can choose any two of the following free upgrades:

  • Colored LED Waterfall
  • Colored LED Bubbler
  • Ozonator
  • Ultraviolet System
  • Salt Generator

Imagine—not only can you get started with a custom-designed and built pool, but you get to upgrade it with two amazing and fun improvements right out of the gate! There’s little reason not to move forward when you really think about it, so don’t wait—if you’ve been thinking about installing the perfect pool for your summer getaways, check out our pool design services and take advantage of our Pick 2 Giveaway today!

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