Nine Reasons You Should Get into the Pool


The No. 1 reason most people jump in the pool is to escape the summer heat. But there are other benefits to taking a dip in a cool refreshing pool.

1. Give Your Heart a Hand

Swimming is an excellent cardiovascular exercise. It gives your heart an healthy boost and gets you fit without putting added stress on your ankles and knees.

2. Balanced Build

Weight training develops dense muscles while swimming builds longer, leaner muscles. Together they help give you a more proportioned and toned body build.

3. Low Impact

Include swimming in your regular exercise regimen to balance your other workouts. As a low-impact exercise, swimming gives your body a break from typical high-impact activities such as weight lifting and running.

4. Improve Your Flexibility

Swimming in a heated pool relaxes and stretches your muscles. This helps prevent muscle tightness and soreness, especially after a grueling workout.

5. Total Body Workout

By utilizing all your body’s muscles simultaneously, swimming improves your core body strength, which helps protect you from injury.

6. Endurance Builder

Because it is a low-impact exercise, swimming is easier to sustain than other more strenuous workout activities. The longer you swim, the more cardiovascular benefits you earn and the more calories you burn.

7. Swimming Is Fun

Most clubs and even some community centers now have exclusive and modern lap pools for swimmers to use. The more fun and enjoyable this exercise becomes for you, the more likely you are to keep doing it.

8. Social Sport

Although competitive swimming is an individual sport, swimming as exercise doesn’t have to be. Join a team program and reap the added benefits of peer motivation and professional coaching.

9. Drop Those Pounds

Push yourself to complete just one more lap each time you’re in the water and you stand a great chance of losing the extra weight you’ve been carrying around. Swimming is great for burning calories.

Enjoy your pool this summer season and all year long. As a leading Orlando pool company, we help maintain your pool in pristine condition. Call us for any questions or concerns you have about your Orlando pool.

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