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Fire Bowl

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For those who are tired of the same old pool design features, take a moment to learn more about Fire bowls. While fire pits have been a popular landscaping option for quite sometime, fire bowls offer a more design-inspired addition. Learn more about fire bowls and how they can add to the overall appeal of your backyard pool.




Type of Fire bowls

Pool Design Features

Phot Credits To: http://www.grandeffectsinc.com

What exactly is a fire bowl? They are stationary bowls, typically made from concrete or metal, that are built into the landscaping or decking around your pool or backyard. You may see them built directly into the ground or placed on a raised support. They are mostly a decorative addition; though they can add some warmth during those cooler afternoons by the pool. In fact, the biggest appeal of fire bowls is their ability to accent features of your pool.

Ditching you outdoor lights in favor of a firelit evening is made even more special by the firelight reflecting off the water in your pool. The proper placement of a fire bowl can dramatically add to the overall atmosphere of your backyard oasis. Depending on the style of fire bowl you choose for your backyard, you may be able to include manual controls for turning the flames on or off. Fire bowls come in a wide array of shapes, sizes, and design styles.

Visit All Seasons Pools to learn about the many styles we offer and look through photos of fire bowls we have used in completed projects. From a design standpoint, fire bowls are often used to accentuate the overall look and aesthetic of the landscaping. They work best when they flow with the landscape and help draw attention to specific areas of your yard, such as your pool.


Choosing the Right Firebowl Design

Fire Bowls

Photo Credits: http://www.grandeffectsinc.com

After visiting us or taking a look at options online, work with our professional pool designers to decide how to incorporate fire bowls into your pool landscaping. The shape and size of your pool can help you choose the location and placement of your fire bowls. For example, a geometrically shaped pool could be paired with symmetrically placed fire bowls to accentuate the lines of the pool instead of taking away from the design. Explain any ideas you have to your pool designer and take their suggestions into consideration.

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