Orlando Pools: Finding an Animal in Your Pool

Finding an animal in your Orlando pools is not an uncommon occurrence. Many different types of domestic and wild animals, including skunks, birds, mice, gophers, rats, snakes, frogs, and bats are commonly found in pools. Most of these animals do not pose a health risk to swimmers because a well-maintained pool will kill off the germs. However, to ensure a healthy swimming pool, follow these easy steps in Finding an Animal in Your Pool :

  • Don’t allow anyone to swim in the pool.
  • Put on disposable gloves.
  • Use a net or bucket to remove the dead animal from the pool.
  • Double bag the animal in plastic garbage bags.
  • Clean the bucket or net you used to remove the animal.
  • Take off the gloves and put them in the garbage.
  • Put all garbage bags into a concealed trash can.
  • Wash your hands immediately.
  • Maintain the free chlorine in the pool at 2 ppm. Maintain the pH levels at 7.5 or less, and keep the temperature of your Orlando pools at 77°F or higher. The free chlorine and pH should remain at these levels for 30 minutes.
  • Make sure that the filtration system is working properly.
  • Disinfect the bucket or net you used by putting it in the pool for 30 minutes.

Following these simple steps will ensure healthy Orlando pools. Call All Seasons Pools if you are interested in building a pool – If you have a backyard, we can put a pool in it.

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