Outdoor Living Dad’s Way: 10 Backyard Living Ideas He’ll Love

Outdoor living ideas

As a family, it may seem that the majority of planning revolves around the kids, but when kids finally grow up its time to renovate and have it “Dad’s Way”. Just in time for Father’s Day, here are 10 backyard living ideas that all Super Dads will love!

Backyard Living Ideas Dads will Love



No backyard is complete without a grill. If your dad enjoys getting out the tongs and grilling some meat, then make sure he has an adequate grill in the backyard. You can have it installed as an outdoor living project add-on to any pool installation or you can opt to buy a grilling set that you can take out and put away as needed.


In additional to a grill, you should have somewhere to eat your food. A simple bar faced with stone, stucco or tile with a countertop of your choosing is the perfect perch for a casual meal . Build shelving on the inside of the bar so that Dad has a spot to store his cooking and serving utensils.


Also, think about including some backyard games. Bocce, horseshoes, and other simple outdoor games are easy to set up and install. Dad will love playing lawn darts and other games with family and friends in his own backyard!


If dad enjoys gardening or keeping up with his yard, then consider adding a compost bin in the backyard. While others may not enjoy adding vegetable scraps or worms to a compost bin, many dads will love it!

Compose Bin

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A pool couch with cup holders allows dad to relax in the pool the same way he would in the living room – with a refreshing beverage next to him. Pool couches and other inflatable seats with cupholders are relatively inexpensive and easy to find.


Speaking of pool accessories, there is a lot of different pool sports equipment to consider. Purchase a water-friendly football or an easy-to-attach volleyball net or poolside basketball goal.


Outdoor speakers let dad enjoy his favorite tunes while cooking up some food or relaxing in the pool. You can find outdoor speakers designed to blend in with the environment and connect with your indoor sound system.

Outdoor Speakers

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Depending on the size of your yard, there is one activity that most dads enjoy – keeping the yard perfectly mowed. Upgrade to a riding lawn mower to cut down on the amount of time dad spends mowing and increase time spent enjoying the fruits of his labor!


Make sure that dad has a spot to put all of his tools by adding a shed to your backyard. A shed is the perfect place to store tools, the lawnmower and other equipment.


Dads enjoy being the one to build and start a fire so consider adding a fire pit to your backyard. There are many options to choose from, including portable fire pits and built-in fireplaces.


There you go – 10 backyard living ideas that dad will love. These are just a few suggestions of how you could redecorate your backyard with Dad in mind. The best way to find out exactly what he wants is to ask him, but he will surely appreciate any of the above ideas.


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