Outdoor Living Feature Highlight: Cypress Ridge

Cypress Reserve Lot 11 - 008

Here at All Seasons Pools, we design and build outdoor living spaces that are catered to your individual preferences. One of our latest projects at Cypress Ridge included some of our favorite features, which came together to create the perfect backyard. 

Cypress Ridge Outdoor Living Features

Cypress Reserve Lot 11 - 004

In this beautiful Cypress Ridge lot, you will find a number of outdoor living features that were used to construct the ideal backyard kitchen, fire pit and lounging areas. The cooking area consists of two gorgeous, eight-foot summer kitchen spaces which include spacious drawers and a convenient refrigerator. Alongside the kitchen, you will find an upper bar seating area that is opposite to an oversized and multi-functional grill. In addition to the cozy fire pit seating area, there is also a separate lounging space that overlooks the spectacular Florida view.

Cypress Reserve Lot 11 - 005

Supported by rumble wall columns, a pergola rests atop the kitchen area to shade the chef and provide some relief to others from the warm sun. This same rumble wall material is used as palm planters and to support a seating bench behind the kitchen, to give the outdoor living space a cohesive style. The finishing touch that ties it all together is a blended cream, beige and charcoal paver deck that spreads throughout the space and seating areas in a mesmerizing, circular pattern.

Cypress Reserve Lot 11 - 011

Perfecting Your Florida Backyard

You too can have this perfect Florida backyard by having your local pool and outdoor experts build you a brand new kitchen space, seating area and fire pit. With the addition of a new swimming pool and deck, you can transform your yard into the ultimate outdoor living space. When the summertime comes around, and you’re lounging in your luxurious backyard paradise, you’ll begin to wonder how you ever went on without it before.

To begin designing your outdoor area today, contact us at All Seasons Pools. We’re based out of Sanford, Florida, but we love meeting and serving others all over North and Central Florida.


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