Pool Contractors Orlando: How Chlorine Works

Most people use chlorine to keep their pool water safe. But how does it work? And what are the drawbacks?

Our pool contractors Orlando have been installing and repairing pools for over two decades, and have learned a thing or two about maintaining pools. To help you understand how explain how chlorine works, and why you might not like using chlorine, keep reading.

Chlorine kills bacteria through a simple process. The chlorine product you pour into your Orlando pool breaks down the instant it touches the water. It literally falls apart. As this happens, several chemicals spread throughout your pool water, including hypochlorous acid, and something called the hypochlorite ion.

Both of these chemicals kill microorganisms and bacteria by destroying everything inside the bacteria cells. Eventually, the bacteria die and degrade.

  • When you check your pool’s pH level, you’re checking to see how much of the hypochlorous acid and hypochlorite ions are in your water.

This is why it is important to maintain the correct pH levels. If the pH is too high, there is not enough of the chlorine chemicals. This means that bacteria will die at a slower rate and that the pool will take longer to become clean.

  • The pH should be between 7 and 8. If you are having problems maintaining that pH level, your pool contractors in Orlando can help. Before calling anyone, you should read our article here.

Potential Drawbacks of Chlorine

Chlorine is very effective in killing bacteria but there are some down sides.

  • Distinctive smell that some people find overwhelming,
  • It can cause certain skin types to become itchy and irritated,
  • Causes fabrics to fade very quickly,
  • Large quantities of undiluted chlorine can cause breathing problems.

This is why maintaining proper pH is so vital- too little chlorine means a dirty pool. Too much means potential danger.

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