Pool Equipment Highlight: Zodiac MX6 and Jandy Salt System

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If you have been planning to build the perfect pool in your Jacksonville backyard, you’ve probably been looking for ways to keep that outdoor space looking like-new. Pool maintenance can be time consuming and tedious if you don’t have the right tools at your disposal. Luckily, with All Seasons Pools by your side, pool maintenance is simplified.

With state-of-the-art equipment, and a little help from your local pool company in Jacksonville, your new pool will stay clean and beautiful all year long. Here’s more on our favorite, latest products: Zodiac MX6 and the new Jandy Salt System, both of which are included in our current new pool special giveaway.

Maintenance for Your Backyard Pool

Keeping your pool spotless is made easy with a high-performing tool like the Zodiac MX6. You can let this robot run and do its work, grabbing dirt from the furthest and deepest corners of your swimming pool. Whether you have a vinyl, tile, concrete or fiberglass pool built, the MX6 can do it all, finding its way across these different materials and still leaving your pool pristine.

Say so long to the days of stepping on debris and swimming past foliage, for your pool will be as beautiful as it was the day it was built. The next time you take a dip in your pool, you will enjoy the immaculate surface that your MX6 has vacuumed for you. Family and friends will marvel at how well you maintain your new pool, and it will all be at no additional effort to you.

Specs on the Zodiac MX6

This cleaning robot looks and performs unlike any other pool cleaner you have ever seen. The sleek design and bi-directional navigation allows for the system to run across your pool liner with ease, making sure to tidy up every inch of your pool. Despite its powerful, cyclonic suction vacuum, the MX6 consumes less energy when compared to its competitors. This tool is ideal for in-ground pool owners with variable or 2-speed pumps.

With optimized flow control, you can relax knowing your cleaning robot is working at optimal performance for maximum longevity. Even if your pool has a low-flow pump, the flex power turbine engine is able to offer extra-efficient operation. For your convenience, the MX6 has an easy-grip handle, with quick connection and a twist locking hose to ensure the vacuum is secure and ready for cleaning.

About the Jandy Salt System

The AquaPure Ei, a self-contained and compact solution, is one of the latest saltwater sanitation systems from Jandy. Replacing the need for conventional chlorine, this salt dispenser adds ordinary salt to your pool water. In as little as 15 minutes, you can enjoy swimming in clear, silky and harm free water, as your AquaPure Ei works to sanitize your pool.

One of the most unique aspects of this Jandy tool is that after the sanitizer has completed purifying your pool water, the salt is reverted back and the cycle repeats. With improved technologies and auto-reversing polarity, the AquaPure is an efficient recycler that requires minimal maintenance. Despite its complex inter-workings, Jandy has created a salt water convertor that is easy and affordable to use.

For pools up to 35,000 gallons, the AquaPure is ideal for nearly any residential pool in Jacksonville. The controls are user-friendly and easy to operate, and the system features a two-piece locking clamp with a locking ring. The LCD display and LED salt level indicators simplify the process of keeping your pool sanitized, so you can enjoy swimming without worrying over the water in your pool.

The Benefits of Swimming in Saltwater

Swimmers and pool owners alike will admit that chlorine can be hard on the hair and skin, making time spent in the water a little less enjoyable. If you’ve ever wondered about investing in a saltwater pool, there are a number of benefits that you should consider. When you choose to sanitize your pool with a salt solution, your skin will be less irritated, your hair might be less dry and the added buoyancy will improve your swims.

Aside from the physical benefits of swimming in saltwater, you will also find that this type of pool requires less maintenance. Salt in the water will discourage algae growth, and your AquaPure will eliminate the need for you to worry over the sanitation of your pool’s water. For those who want their pool to have a natural look and feel to it, saltwater could be the final piece to your backyard-paradise puzzle.

For a Limited Time Only…

At All Seasons Pools, we’ve been a pool company in Jacksonville for so long, we know everything there is to know about exciting pool features and how to keep the water crystal clear. If you haven’t had your dream pool installed yet, consider how you can incorporate new and advanced technologies to the space to minimalize maintenance and amp up the aesthetics of your Florida backyard.

For a limited time only, when you purchase a new pool with All Seasons Pools, you can include the Zodiac MX6 and the Jandy Salt System to complete your ideal swimming pool, or any two of these other additions, for free:

  • Ozone System
  • LED Light
  • Ultraviolet Sanitizing System
  • Melody Soundcast Music System

With the opportunity to choose from these quality systems, you can create the pool you’ve been dreaming of without sacrificing convenient maintenance or style. If you would like to learn more about the current special we are running for those who are looking to build a new pool before the summer, please contact us at All Seasons Pools today.

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