Pool Landscaping with Herbs: 7 Plants for a Poolside Kitchen Garden

Easy to Grow Herbs

A major part of creating the perfect backyard retreat with the installation of a pool is the pool landscaping that you choose to enhance and accent your swimming area. There is a never-ending supply of amazing backyard pool landscaping ideas that you can choose from, including the use of natural rocks or the addition of a water feature. Below, we are going to examine another option that many people may not think of when planning their backyard pool landscaping ideas – the use of herbs as a part of your new pool landscaping. Creating a poolside kitchen garden allows you to achieve the beauty and visual interest you’re going for with your pool landscaping, while also profiting from an endless bounty of fresh, aromatic herbs for cooking!

Why Choose Herbs?


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Since there are thousands of plants that you could choose from when designing your pool landscaping, what is the benefit of choosing herbs? If you’ve any doubt about the poolside beauty of an herb garden, just take a look at this article by Star Apple featuring a beautiful Mediterranean pool and edible garden. For one, herbs make healthy and tasty additions to recipes. Many of us turn to the dried varieties for convenience, but fresh herbs often pack a bigger punch of rich, full flavor. Having a fresh supply on hand will save you money and enhance your recipes. They also fill the air around the pool with a beautiful scent. There are many easy-to-grow varieties of common recipe staples to choose from and, once established, are pretty simple to care for. You don’t have to worry as much about plant debris ending up in your pool – a major concern when choosing plants as part of your pool landscaping. An added bonus? Most herbs will flourish in pots- so no digging and weeding required! When temperatures drop, bring your pots into the kitchen and enjoy a year-round harvest.

Which Herbs Should You Plant?

Which herbs should you add as part of your backyard pool landscaping ideas? We’ve created a list of 10 herbs that are relatively easy to grow, versatile in the kitchen, and add visual and aromatic interest to your poolside. Many of them have the added benefit of natural pest control!

1. Basil


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Basil is a popular choice, do to the fact that it grows fast and tastes great when whipped into a tomato or pesto sauce. It also has many fun varieties that can make interesting additions to your kitchen- like the fruity Christmas Basil that has lovely flowers and the Cinnamon Basil that fills the air with spice! Basil makes a good companion to tomato plants because they deter the insects that tend to prefer tomatoes like aphids and tomato hornworms.

This post on the Pioneer Thinking blog gives some good tips on growing and using Basil.

2. Oregano


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Oregano is another easy to care for plant, as long as it is placed in area where it gets plenty of sunlight. Oregano, in addition to being another herb that can be used in the kitchen, provides a lovely aroma that the wind will carry around your backyard. It’s also said to ward off infection and illness, so add an extra helping to your dish if you feel under the weather!

This blog post by Planet Natural gives good tips for growing Oregano.

3. Chives


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Chives are a loved for their versatility, suiting salads and a range of meat dishes- perfect for backyard grill masters. They also do well in pots and produce lovely purple flowers. They are said to keep away carrot rust flies and Japanese Beatles.

Grow it Organically gives some good tips on growing chives in pots here.

4. Rosemary


Credits to: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rosemary

If you want to add a little more color to your pool landscaping, consider Rosemary. When fully mature, Rosemary features attractive blue flowers and as the plant grows you can prune it to maintain a specific shape.

This post by 17 Apart gives a good tutorial on how to propogate Rosemary from cuttings.

5. Sage


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Sage is a beautiful and hardy plant that makes a good addition to stews, soups and savory meat dishes. It also carries anti-oxidant and anti-inflamatory properties, and has a long history of being used for physical and spiritual healing. If allowed to flower, sage also produces a beautiful bouquet.

Natural Society has a very good post on sage here, including ways to use it and how to grow it as well as some interesting history on cultural uses through time.

6. Peppermint


Credits to: http://thetreatmentherbs.com/fever-reducing-whole-body-peppermint-wash/

Every southern garden should feature at least one peppermint variety. It’s a fast and hardy grower that likes the heat and fills the air with its fresh scent. It is also the perfect partner for a range of refreshing iced drinks like tea, lemonade and Mojitos! (Check out this Mojito recipe by Jamie Oliver!) Peppermint also wards off a variety of biting bugs, making it one of our favorites.

You can learn more about how to plant and grow Peppermint from this post by Gardening Know How.

7. Dill


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Finally, you may want to think about adding some Dill. It grows quickly and is also one of the more aromatic varieties. Dill makes a wonderful addition to many grilled fish recipes and is also a friend to the tomato plant as tomato hornworms tend avoid it.

Where Should You Plant Your Herbs?

Obviously, the location and planting of your herbs is a factor when planning your backyard pool landscaping ideas. Even though these small herbs will not create as much debris as a large shrub, bush, or tree, you may want to keep them a safe distance away from the pool. Consider using plants as a backdrop along the perimeter of your decking. This will help protect your herbs from the chlorinated pool water and keep your gardening debris from ending up in the pool.

These are just a few backyard pool landscaping ideas involving the use of herbs and plants. There are many more options you could consider. If you want professional help planning your pool landscaping, visit or contact the experts at All Seasons Pools today or Check our Pinterest Account for more outdoor living tips and ideas!


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