Pool Orlando : How to Choose the Right Pool Size

At All Seasons Pools, we want to be sure you get your dream pool in Orlando . There are a lot of questions to ask and debate during the design process, but one of the most important is: what is the right swimming pool size for you and your family? This is the foundation of a pool, and the rest will come easily. Here are some questions to ask yourself when choosing the right pool size for your own pool:

1. Who will be using the pool and how often? Even if you have a few kids, you may not need as big of a pool as you would think. Kids will always play in a pool, regardless of size. However, if you have a bigger family and plan on entertaining a lot, a bigger pool may be a better choice for you.

2. Will anyone be doing laps? Although there are options that allow any pool to be a lap pool, for a person that truly wants to swim laps, a bigger pool is required.

3. What other items do you need to fit in your backyard? If you have a patio, or deck, you need to make sure to accommodate space for those objects, as well as other things like grills, furniture, trampolines, etc.

4. Where are the property lines drawn? You need to see where your property ends and decide on a Orlando pool that fits within these limits.

5. Will your family size change in the coming years? Think about more kids, or even grand-kids. If you think that your family will change in size, a bigger pool may be something to consider.

There are many things to consider when choosing the size of your swimming pool in Orlando . All Seasons Pools can help. Give us a call today!

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