Pool Party Ideas for Your Next Birthday Bash

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Summer is right around the corner, and that means warm weather and time spent in and around the pool. More importantly, it means birthday pool parties! If your birthday is in the summer, you probably feel some pressure to make it fun and memorable, not only for yourself, but also for your friends. Since everybody in Florida will be throwing pool parties, you want to make yours stand out from the crowd and be talked about long after your birthday is over. Keeping reading for a few of All Season Pool’s pool party ideas for your next birthday bash, courtesy of your local pool company and pool builder in the Jacksonville, Orlando and St. Augustine areas.

Throw a Movie Night

Many people like to celebrate their birthdays a little lower key by going to the movies. If this kind of party sounds like your speed, then you should consider making your next birthday party a movie night. Rent a projector—or move a big screen TV outside—and show a movie that you and your guests can watch while inside or outside of the pool. For an added level of fun, show a movie that is water themed. The 70s classic Jaws is always a fun choice if you want to give your guests a little thrill while they’re movie watching in the water.

Pirate Themed

As far as pool party ideas go, you can’t beat the classics. That’s why one of the top ideas for your next birthday bash should be to make it pirate themed. Have your guests dress up as pirates and see who can do the best Long John Silver impression. You can even make over the decking area around your pool as a pirate ship, with your diving board—should you have one—acting as the gang plank. Just make sure that any guest you send to Davy Jones’s Locker is wearing a swimming suit!

Pool Party Ideas to Make Your Pool Feel Like Vegas

Other than the casinos, of course, luxury hotels in Las Vegas are often focused around their pool. Your backyard pool may be smaller, but that’s no reason you can’t make it feel like it belongs on the Vegas Strip. Decorate the area around your pool by stringing lights and laying out neon glow sticks. Make sure to have a gaming area where you and your guests can play games of blackjack and poker for small prizes. Finally, serve your meals buffet style, just like you’d find in many casinos in Las Vegas. We guarantee it will be a night that you and your guest won’t soon forget.

Don’t Forget the Most Important Thing

Pool parties are one of the most fun ways you can celebrate your birthday, and as we have seen, there are a lot of creative ways to make your party memorable. However, there is really only one thing you need for the perfect pool party: a pool. All Seasons Pools is your pool builder in Florida to give you the perfect backyard oasis. You can visit our website to check out some of the great pools that we feature, as well as design your own pool with our easy to use pool builder tool.

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