Pool School: What is a Saltwater Pool?

Saltwater Pool

When planning your pool, one of the aspects to consider is the chlorination system. Typically the two most popular chlorination systems are the chlorine system and salt water chlorination systems. Often times new pool owners are confused by the term saltwater pool and want to know what the differences are between chlorine vs salt water pools. We have explain what a saltwater pool is and how it differs from the classic chlorine system

What is a Saltwater Pool? 

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Don’t let the name deceive you, a saltwater pool is not a pool filled with water similar to the ocean. Saltwater pools get their name from the method of the chlorination system used to keep the pool clean. Saltwater chlorination is not actually chlorine free but uses a different method of chlorination to sanitize the pool. Hypochlorous and Sodium Hypochlorite are the two sanitizing agents typically used in cleaning pool water. In a saltwater pool a chlorine generator, or salt chlorinator, uses electrolysis, or the use of direct electric currents to create a chemical reach, to turn dissolved salts into the two santizing agents mentioned above.

Chlorine vs Salt Water

You might be thinking to yourself that all that science is great but what’s the main difference between chlorine and salt water chlorination systems. Well the answer is simple, chlorine systems have chlorine directly put into the pools from chlorine tablets and chlorine shock systems, while salt water chlorination systems use the chlorine generator.

Why a Salt Water Pool?

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You may be wondering why a salt water pool would be the right choice for you if you don’t want to go with the usual methods of chlorination sanitation. Salt water chlorination has many added benefits that you don’t have with traditional chlorination systems. When it comes to comfort and chemicals salt water chlorination systems are easier on your little ones eyes and you don’t have to store hazardous chemicals because of the low direct chemical use with the chlorine generator (an added plus to that, no green hair!). While cost may be significantly higher when you install your salt water chlorinator, over time the system will save you money due to the salt being used is less expensive than chlorine chemicals.


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