Pools in Orlando: How to Clean Pools After Rain

Florida’s seemingly daily rainstorms always leave behind a mess– a mess that is particularly hard to clean up if you own pools in Orlando and the surrounding areas. Leaves, dirt, insects and other debris swamp up your pool after a rainy day or storm. It can leave your pool looking ugly and unappealing. 

We know that clearing up your pool in Orlando may take a little time, but here are some helpful hints on How to Clean Pools After Rain and making it look sparkling clean again.

1. With a large leaf net remove large debris from the floor of the pool. If the water is green, cloudy and very dirty do not vacuum the pool. If you can not see the bottom vacuuming might clog your skimmer, filter, or underground pipes.

2. Next, check the alkalinity of the water. Insert the pH water test strip and check the readings. Use a pH increase solution to adjust the water acidity to ideal levels. Add a pH decrease solution to adjust alkalinity.

3. If your pool is really dirty, you may need to shock it. Shocking it involves adding gallons of liquid chlorine before the water clears. Add 3 to 4 gallons of chlorine and let it settle overnight. Repeat each day until the water begins to change to cloudy white, light green, or clear.

4. Run the pool filter 24 hours a day. “Backwash” your pool three to four times a day. Backwashing methods vary depending on the pool so make sure to read your pump’s user manual.

Follow these steps and you are sure to have your pool cleaned up and looking fresh in a no time.

If any of your cleaning equipment, pumps, or other pool parts aren’t keeping your pool in perfect condition, you may need to replace them. And we’d like to help with that. We’re your source for cleaning accessories and swimming pools in Orlando.

If you have a backyard, we can put a pool in it. Call us today!

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