Pools Jacksonville FL: Lighting for Your Pool

If you have a pool in your backyard, underwater lighting for your pool will add that amazing extra touch of elegance. Since your pool in Jacksonville, FL is the focal point of your backyard, why not make it shine at night as well as it does during the day?

You can set your lighting to have a romantic feeling or more of a fun feeling for entertaining. The weather in Northern Florida offers warm summer nights that are perfect for evening pool parties. All Seasons Pools offer LED lights that provide the perfect setting for any situation; you determine the mood by choosing from the pre-set light shows or to have the lights cycle through changing colors.

At All Seasons Pools, we offer professional installation of our Jandy’s WaterColor LED lights. From the stainless steel housing, to the power saving ability of LED’s, Jandy lights are the perfect addition to your pool in Jacksonville, Florida. We will work with you to place the lights in the best possible position to maximize your backyard oasis.

Besides being beautiful, there are sensible reasons to install pool lightening. It provides underwater lighting for the relaxing night swims; as well as safety lighting around steps, shelf areas, and seating areas. You can relax and watch your children safely enjoy the pool during the day or night. Whether you are just beginning to install your new pool, or looking to upgrade your existing spa or pool in Jacksonville, FL, underwater lighting is a safe and affordable way to add ambiance to your pool, as well as your entire backyard.

Contact All Seasons Pools in Jacksonville, Florida with any questions you may have concerning the lighting of your pool. We will work with you and offer ideas on the best lighting placement as well as determine if you should have a separate switch, or connect the LED’s with your existing monitoring system. All Seasons Pools serves Central and North Florida with all your pool needs.

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