Protect Your Pool From the Cold

Freezing temperatures are a rarity for Florida, but this January has proven that they are not out of the realm of possibility. Florida has seen some impressively low temperatures this winter thanks to powerful winter storms in the north pushing arctic air to the south.

These uncharacteristically low temperatures have many Jacksonville residents worried about how to protect their pool from the cold. Fortunately, our Jacksonville pool builders have a few tips on how to keep your pool in great shape no matter how low the thermometer goes. Check this list on how to Protect Your Pool From the Cold:

Run Your Pumps

During freezing temperatures, you will want to run your filtration pump and jet pumps nonstop. Ideally, your pool will have freeze guard that will automatically start the pump and keep it running until temperatures go above freezing, but direct sunlight and other factors may keep this from happening.

Our Jacksonville swimming pools experts recommend, should a freeze occur, that you check your pumps periodically to be certain that they are running appropriately. If necessary, turn the pump on manually in service mode to keep it running.

Maintain Proper Water Levels

Jacksonville pools typically have water throughout the year. You will need to ensure that your pool maintains the proper water level if a freeze should occur. Not having the right amount of water can lead to your pumps sucking in cold air through the skimmers, which in turn can increase the risk of your equipment freezing.

Be Careful with Heaters

If your pool has a heating system, you will want to be careful in using it during a freeze. If it has been running constantly for a few days before the freeze, your heater should be fine to continue running during the freeze. However, if it hasn’t been running, you should not turn it on once the cold front hits. You can end up overloading your heater in a freeze, so we strongly recommend against using it to keep your pool from icing over.

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