Reasons for and Risks of Draining Pools in Orlando Part I of II

Draining swimming pools in Orlando is sometimes necessary but also poses considerable damage to your pool in the long-term sense. There are some repairs for pools in Orlando that cannot be made underwater or by accessing components of a full pool with poles or grabbing devices that extend the reach deeper into the water. All Seasons Pools has a team of professionals who are here to make sure that your pool repairs are done safety and effectively. You should especially call All Seasons Pools if your pool needs a repair that requires draining, since draining may damage pools in Orlando . Some repairs require a mechanical and invasive depth that is too crucial and delicate to be done within water, and so on occasion pools in Orlando must be drained in order to sufficiently make these repairs. When undergoing repairs for pools in Orlando that require drainage, there are several important contributing factors to this process that all owners of pools in Orlando should know.

Traditional in-the-ground pools part 1: Vinyl Liner Pools

For traditional indoor and outdoor pools that have been made from a vinyl liner basin dug into the ground, the type that owners of pools in Orlando are bound to be most familiar with, draining these pools places the structural integrity of the pool at risk. The walls of these pools receive constant pressure from the perimeter of the basin as well as the layers of dirt, concrete, rock, and mud that exist beneath the ground and surrounding the basin. Draining water from these pools in Orlando greatly reduces the internal bolstering against this constant pressure, since the water serves to strengthen the pool walls from the inside. This is true of older basin pools but is becoming less common in newer in-ground basin pools in Orlando .

The ground water of these pools in Orlando also has the potential to raise and lift the entire pool either above or below the ground water level. This can happen because removing the water of a pool-full of water can lighten the floor and walls of the pool. If ground water presently exists or has accumulated over time, it may try to rise due to a lack of weight and the opportunity for displacement.

Please read part II of this article in order to find out more about draining pools in Orlando and how All Seasons Pools can help.