Six Things to Consider Before Pool Construction

There may be nothing better than jumping into a pool when it is 90 degrees outside, and the ease and convenience of having a pool in your backyard makes it even better! However, before you make the commitment to add a pool to your backyard and pool construction begins, here are six things to consider:

1. Home Insurance – Your home insurance will go up slightly with the addition of a pool. Also note that you should probably build a fence around your yard so no children fall into the pool. Liability insurance varies from place to place so be sure to discuss the effects that pool construction would have on your rates with your insurance company.

2. Safety – With young children around, there are always safety hazards. Be sure that children are supervised at all times, that pool chemicals are balanced daily, and that proper safety equipment is always available.

3. Work – It takes effort to keep your pool clean and pristine. You need to check your pool’s PH, chlorine and acidity levels daily. Read more about chemical balance here.

4. Cost – The pool construction process is expensive, but you should also factor in the cost of regular pool upkeep as well as replacement parts for when something breaks. Pools are certainly a good investment for your family; your kids will have hours of entertainment and the convenience is hard to beat, but it’s important to know what you are in for financially before you make a decision.

5. Germs – Public pools are just swarming with germs of other people’s dirty diapers, bodily fluids,saliva, etc. The peace of mind of having your own pool is unbeatable, but remember to upkeep the pool so that it remains a safe place to swim.

6. Space – A pool will take up a significant part of your backyard and you can not just put it away for the winter – it will always be there. Make sure that you have enough open space to warrant pool construction.

All Seasons Pools: Your Pool Construction Experts

Although all of the above are things to make sure you really think about and consider, you just have to decide if the benefits of a pool far outweigh other factors. Read about the benefits of pools here. If you have a backyard, we can put a pool in it. Call All Season’s Pools today for an estimate!

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