The Clear O3 Ozone Generator

Better For Your Body, Your Pool, And Your Wallet

clear 03 ozone generator

For over 30 years, All Seasons Pools has been the pool builder Orlando, Auburndale, and the entire North/Central Florida area have trusted to provide the best and most innovative pool designs and maintenance systems. We’re always looking for more choices to offer you, and now we’ve got something for those who wish to maintain traditional methods of pool cleaning while reducing their chlorine use by up to 70%.

The Clear O3 Ozone Generator is a purification system. It uses a custom UV lamp to create ozone out of regular air, then injects it into the water in your pool’s circulation pump, killing bacteria and eliminating harmful wastes. It’s safe, fast, effective and—best of all—its only byproduct is oxygen!

Clear O3 Protects The Environment As It Protects Your Family

  • Environmentally safe, creates no harmful byproducts
  • No regular maintenance necessary
  • Eliminates certain particulates WITHOUT bonding to them the way chlorine does, leaving fewer contaminates in the water to irritate your eyes and skin
  • Allows you to save money every month by using less chlorine, and gives you more mileage out of your pool filters and other maintenance equipment

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Your pool is a source of health, fun, relaxation, and family-bonding. If you’re looking for one of the top pool builders to install The Clear 03, or even to start from the beginning with pool construction, contact All Seasons Pools for a free estimate or consultation (call us at 877-410-7665). We’ll help you make sure that the favorite part of your home is as safe and clean as possible.