The Paramount Paralevel

Keeping A Proper Water Level—And Fun Level—Has Never Been Easier

Even the newest pool owner understands how hard it is to maintain a good water level. Swimmers splash water over the sides, the sun and the wind cause evaporation, and tiny leaks that are otherwise harmless will still be enough to slowly drain your pool. Many pool owners find a large chunk of their time dedicated to checking their water level and constantly making manual adjustments.

The Paralevel can save you from all of that. Paramount’s ingenious new device is the perfect pool attendant, endlessly monitoring your water level and making quick, automatic adjustments. Some of its many features include:

paramount paralevel
  • The “Smart-Sensing” system that knows your true pool level, regardless of water sloshing around
  • Works fast and makes adjustments only when necessary, ensuring that your pump motor isn’t burned out prematurely by being constantly cycled on and off
  • Easy to activate, monitor, and winterize
  • Quick-fill capable
  • Easy to clean and service
  • The simple “Posi-Click” device makes manual adjustments a breeze if you ever feel the need

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All Seasons Pools has been in the swimming pool construction business for over 30 years. We understand the frustrations that can come with maintaining your water level, and when a new product comes along that can save you countless hours each year, we want you to know about it.