You Swim, The PV3 Cleans, And Your Swimming Pool Stays Fun and Hassle Free

pv3 system

In our experience, the biggest hesitation about owning a swimming pool in Orlando, Jacksonville, Haines City, or anywhere else in Florida is always the same: the hassle of cleaning it. Nobody wants to do it, but everyone knows they have to. You can easily spend more time cleaning your pool than using it.

Paramount’s PV3 cleaning system is the answer to all your prayers. It’s fully automatic, it’s built into the pool shell itself, and it’s guaranteed to clean 99% of your pool.

The PV3 is a system of small, infinite-position jet nozzles that are strategically installed throughout yourpool. There’s nothing to be installed or removed after each use—just set the PV3 up, then wait for yourpool to clean itself. A full set of features and benefits includes:

  • The guaranteed cleaning of 99% of your pool, including the floor, sides, steps, benches, and more
  • Pumping clean water and chemicals up from the bottom of the pool helps improve circulation, ultimately saving you money on your heating and chemical costs, and helping to kill algae before it has a chance to become a problem
  • The nozzles contain no moving parts and are maintenance-free, and during non-use they retract into the pool floor
  • The use of high-pressure jets ensures that your pool floor is thoroughly cleaned, without the star pattern that is commonly left over from weaker cleaning systems

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