AquaPure Ei Salt Generator

The best salt generator for salt water swimming pools: Advice from the pool builders Orlando and North, and Central Florida residents love

Many people have been making the switch from chlorine to salt water swimming pools. Why? Because salt water swimming pools may be better for your body and less expensive to operate in the long run.

Unfortunately, most people making the switch assume that all salt generation systems are the same. This is where some helpful advice from All Seasons Pools, the pool builders Orlando and the entire North, and Central Florida area trust, comes in handy

Take it from us- the quality of your salt generator matters! If you sacrifice quality for price, you will have to pay for it later in repairs and in the costs of liquid and powder additions that keep your pool clean. Because we like to keep our reputation as one of the top pool builders in the community, we install an AquaPure Ei Series salt generator in every salt water swimming pool we build.

The AquaPure Ei Salt Generator


The AquaPure Ei is easy to install- we won’t need to cut any pipes or dig up your yard. It also starts working in as fast as 15 minutes so that your family won’t have to wait a long time for the pool to be ready, as you would have to with chlorine.

And it gets better. Think you’ll need to replace or refill the salt in this generator every year? Nope! When the sanitizer is finished purifying the pool, it changes back into salt and the cycle starts again, meaning that AquaPure Ei is the most efficient possible salt generator you can find.

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