Florida Sun Safety: 8 UV Protection Rules Everyone Should Know

UV Protection Rules

Are you and the family getting ready to hit the pool or the beach this summer? Before you gather up the family and spend the day in the sun, there are certain sun safety tips you should understand and UV protection rules to follow. This can help keep everyone safe and happy, while preventing sunburn and too much exposure to the sun. UV rays can cause wrinkles, age spots, and even potentially lead to skin cancer. Here are 8 UV protection rules that everyone should know.

#1 Anything Below 30 SPF is Useless

The first UV protection rule is the one that everyone should already know – wear sunscreen when you are going to be spending time outside. This even applies to hours spent walking around outdoors or doing yard work. Look for sunscreen with an SPF rating of at least 30 SPF. Anything less is useless in the Florida sun! Apply your sunscreen about 15 minutes before heading outside.


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#2 Reapply Every 2 Hours

Next, make sure that everyone applies their sunscreen every 2 hours, especially if you will be swimming.

#3 Take Cover in Peak Hours

Avoid direct exposure to the sun as much as possible during peak UV hours. This is typically considered to fall between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm. 

#4 Wear a Hat

When possible, wear a hat with a wide brim. It is also a good idea to wear light-colored long sleeved shirts when the temperature is cool enough. Cotton clothing can be extremely breathable and help protect against UV rays.

#5 Not All Sunglasses Are Created Equal

Wear sunglasses that are labelled as offering UV protection to shield your eyes against the sun. There are also prescription glasses and contacts that are designed to provide UV protection.

Sun Safety

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#6 Pay Attention to Your Skin’s Warning Signs

Examine your skin on a regular basis, looking for any changes, such as new sun spots, wrinkles and especially any new growths. Lumps, new moles and other new growths should be inspected by your physician. When you’re in the sun, don’t rely on the redness of your skin to tell you when you’ve had enough exposure. Skin doesn’t show the signs of a burn until the damage has already been done. 

#7 Stay Away from Tanning Beds

Avoid using a tanning bed to get a quick tan. Tanning beds have been proven to cause age spots and wrinkles. There is an ongoing debate as to their role in causing or promoting skin cancer. So play it safe and stay away. (Your skin will thank you in ten years.) 

#8 Take Extra Precautions with Kids

If you are going to have children with you while you are outside, follow the same rules but use extra precaution as they are more susceptible to the effects of the sun. Apply sunscreen every 2 hours and avoid spending an entire day in direct sunlight. Get some shade occasionally and make sure they have plenty of drinking water to stay hydrated.

These are simple rules to follow and in the long run they can help protect your family from harmful UV rays. The next time you and your family decide to enjoy a day in the pool or at the beach, make sure you go over these basic UV protection tips. For further advice or suggestions for staying safe while enjoying fun in the sun, follow All Seasons Pools‘ blog and click this icon  All Seasons Pools to follow us on Pinterest! 


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