Swimming Pool Builders

There are a variety of methods used by swimming pool builders to construct swimming pools, and each of those methods has its own unique rhyme and reason for private pool building in a designated area. Different environments, soils, housing structures, and available materials impact the method by which swimming pool builders engage in a pool construction project.

The three most common types of methods used by swimming pool builders are:

  • Fiberglass
  • Vinyl Liner
  • Concrete

Concrete pools are shells to be filled with water that swimming pool builders sometimes utilize in existing or man-made basins. These concrete shells will float, however, and so they must be made very carefully with the presence of a hydrostatic valve that must be in effect at all times to make sure that the pool maintain an even relationship with the ground water levels around and underneath the concrete shell. Pure concrete pools take 2 months at the least to build and will have gunite walls and flooring, which takes considerably longer to create and smooth out than vinyl liner pools.

Vinyl liner pools are only different in that they describe the surface material used by swimming pool builders (the material that swimmers can feel on the walls and pool floor but not any of the structure beneath that top layer). Vinyl liner pools are a faster option than gunite pools and can be installed during a single week unlike a concrete pool, which takes a total of 2 months to complete at the fastest rate. These pools can last for several decades, but they are more likely to only last for 7-12 years in Florida due to a very powerful sun and a high concentration of heat. After this time, the PVC vinyl of the vinyl liner pool can break off in pieces and swimming pool builders must come and patch it up. Vinyl liner pools have gained popularity among private pool owners and with swimming pool builders because of the variety of colors and patterns that can be used in the Vinyl liner to stylishly fabricate the surface layer of the pool’s walls and floor.

There you have it, an explanation of two of the most popular methods of pool construction used by swimming pool builders. If you contact All Seasons Pools for a quote or have any questions, we will be happy to provide you with additional information about swimming pool construction methods and materials.

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