Swimming Pool Heaters Provide Year-round Pool Enjoyment

Here at All Seasons Pools, we know that having your own pool is a great way to relax and enjoy hours of family fun. Swimming is also excellent exercise. So there’s no need to change your routine because the outside temperatures are falling. The upcoming months may bring cooler weather, but All Seasons Pools can bring the heat. Install a swimming pool heater for prolonged use of your pool this fall.


There are three different types of swimming pool heaters: electric, gas, and solar. Choose from different models that fit with your lifestyle and budget. Our knowledgeable pool builders explain the advantages of having a heater. They help find the right one for you so your pool is always the perfect temperature.


Swimming Pool Heaters in Florida Weather

Pools in Florida usually stay open year-round. The weather and temperature usually remain relatively mild throughout the year, but not without a brisk chill in the fall and winter months.


The distinct Florida weather calls for unique swimming pool heaters. With over 30 years of experience in pool installation, we know the best options for this climate. There are certain things to keep in mind when choosing the appropriate heater for your pool or spa. It is important to take into consideration the type of pool you have, its size, energy cost of the heater, and maintenance requirements.


Electric Swimming Pool Heaters

Electric swimming pool heaters are conducive to large or small pools. A heat pump is better for bigger pools while an electric heater can be used to heat a smaller pool or spa. Heat pumps have a lower operating cost and are low-maintenance.


Gas Swimming Pool Heaters

Gas heaters are advantageous because they heat the water quickly and maintain the temperature no matter what the air temperature may be. Natural gas or propane can be used to operate this type of heater. Gas heaters tend to be the most popular.


Solar Swimming Pool Heaters

Solar heaters are cost-efficient and have low operating costs. They may take a bit longer to heat the water than a gas or electric heater, however. They are environmentally-friendly as their functionality is dependent on natural sunlight.


So there you have it. You are able to get the most out of your pool all year long with a swimming pool heater. Let our pool company help you decide which type is best for you, and you can experience a hassle-free installation.

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