Swimming Pool Installation – DIY Mistakes | All Seasons Pools

So you’ve been thinking about having your very own swimming pool made readily available at your disposal. You’ve considered hiring a pool contractor, but you’ve done research and think that it’s a task you can do on your own. While there are plenty of DIY projects out there that are easy enough for a homeowner to tackle alone, pool installation should not be on the list. There are a number of problems that must be considered before you decide to buy a swimming pool installation kit and start digging.

How Much Will This DIY Project Cost?- Most people think that they could save a lot more money on labor costs and supplies if they just took on any DIY projects themselves. You must consider all things that are involved with installing a swimming pool from the ground up. From dirt hauling and retaining walls to water trucks to fill the pool and concrete labor, all of these individual tasks may end up costing a lot more than it would to just hire a reliable pool installation contractor.

Warranties- With any building project, material and workmanship warranties are a big deal. If you don’t bother with securing a warranty beforehand, you may end up paying for it in the long run.

Timeliness- Most people don’t consider the weather being a factor when installing a swimming pool. If you decide to go it alone and lay down concrete without being aware of the weather conditions, you could end up with a financial, and literal, mess.

Walls and Drainage – Some home owners mistakenly overlook the quality of the pool area in question. If your yard is not currently flat, you will need to take the steps to make it flat. This can sometimes be achieved with fill dirt, but other times a wall may be necessary. Having a clear understanding of what is required to install a pool yourself safely is sometimes an overwhelming task in itself!

The professionals of All Seasons Pools are here to help you with all of your swimming pool installation needs. Never go it alone. Save money in the long run and let us build the pool of your dreams!