Swimming Pool Safety Tips for Children

Swimming pool safety tips for children

There are many reasons to love living in Orlando, Florida, but one of the top benefits is the beautiful sunshine that warms the area all year around. While the rest of the nation is bundled up and watching the skies turn grey as winter rolls in, clients of All Seasons Pools are soaking up some rays by their custom home pool. Some of the best memories are made on the poolside, for both children and adults. While having a pool does open doors to an abundance of leisure time and fun, unfortunate and unbearable tragedy strikes families every year when children are injured or lose their lives in the family pool.

Pool accidents in Florida are preventable if you are taking the proper precautions to secure your pool area and teaching children who swim at your home to respect the water. If you are a pool owner, or are considering putting in a pool, here are some important swimming pool safety tips for children. 

Establish Clear Rules

It is very important to establish safety rules for your pool area and make sure that they are clearly communicated to any children who might come to enjoy a swim at your house—as well as those who are not swimming. This first tip is perhaps the most vital, because teaching children proper pool safety is the key to preventing accidents. Have fun and create a decorative “pool rules” sign to display in your pool area. Remember that many small children cannot yet read, so be sure that you read these rules aloud.

Always Supervise Children

Most pool accidents happen while a child is not being watched or supervised. Always make sure that someone is watching children at your home. It only takes a moment’s time for a wondering child to enter the pool area, slip and fall in. No child should ever swim alone, regardless of age or ability. A responsible person should be assigned to children who are swimming, and that person should remain close enough that they can get the child out of the water quickly.

Secure the Pool Area

Put up a fence around your pool that is tall enough to keep children safely away from the water. This fence should be completed with gates that have self-locking latch systems. An alarm system is an excellent investment for pool safety. This will allow you to know the moment that someone enters the pool area.

Use Life Jackets

Before any child enters the pool, it is important that their swimming ability is known. If the child is not a confident swimmer, they should use a U.S. Coast Guard approved life jacket while enjoying a swim in your pool. Your children or grandchildren can learn how to swim by attending courses that are provided by your local community pool center or the Red Cross.

Build Your Custom Pool

Building a custom pool during the winter months could save you money and allow you to have your pool safe and ready to use by summer. All Seasons Pools, the biggest pool building company in Florida, can provide you with a beautiful custom pool that all members of your family, both young and old, can safely enjoy. For more information, visit our “Design Your Pool” page or contact a representative today.    


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