Swimming Pools Jacksonville Florida – The Benefits of Saltwater Pools

salwater poolChlorine pools have been the norm since the early 1900s but with all the technological advancements everyone is becoming more interested in saltwater swimming pools and rightfully so, for they have many additional perks. Thousands of pool owners around the world are either switching to saltwater or building saltwater pools. There are many benefits to having a saltwater pool over a chlorine swimming pool.

One thing to keep in mind is that saltwater pools still have chlorine but with the benefit that they generate their own chlorine. Chlorine pool owners buy, handle and store their own chlorine. When you put chlorine in a pool yourself it often causes a buildup of algae and fungi and wears down the pool. On the flip side of that, saltwater pool owners have a chlorine generator to produce a steady flow of the chlorine, so you don’t have to buy and handle it yourself. This not only reduces the algae buildup, but also keeps the chlorine level consistent, preserves the life of the pool, and ultimately saves you money.

When chlorine mixes with sweat, saliva and urine it turns into other chemicals called chloramines. The chloramines are harmful to your eyes and skin so chlorine has to be added frequently to kill them off. In saltwater pools, the steady, constant flow of chlorine from the generator kills chloramines faster than chlorine pools so it is less harmful to your skin and eyes.

Although saltwater swimming pools are more expensive upfront, the convenience and low maintenance make them a great choice. Let All Seasons Pools build your swimming pool in Jacksonville, Florida today! If you have a backyard, we can put a pool in it.

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