Swimming Pools Jacksonville – How Pool Contractors Try to Rip You Off

When you are looking for pool builders for your Swimming Pools Jacksonville you may be unsure where to start searching and which companies are reliable. Because pools are such big investments, the pool builder you choose is not something to take lightly. Here is how contractors rip you off and some tips on how to make sure to avoid it:

How contractors try to rip you off:

1. Cutting Corners – Sometimes contractors try to save themselves money by skimping on the small stuff.

2. The “Bait & Switch” – A contractor may advertise one product and then at a later date say that product is discontinued or out-of-stock and charge you for a more expensive material.

3. Omitting the Prep – A contractor may omit some prep work to reduce labor time and thus increase their profit margin.

4. Materials Overcharge – Make sure to familiarize with pricing on materials used to make sure you are not overcharged. Ask for receipts when materials are bought.

How to protect yourself from unfair practices for swimming pools in Jacksonville:

1. Inspect the project daily. Make sure you take time to watch the progress and process daily. Ask your contractor a lot of questions. Note whether the constructions looks neat or sloppy and comment on things. Ask for inspection meetings at certain points – good contractors will take pride in their work at any stage of the process.

2. Make sure to examine your contract thoroughly, especially for “bait and switch” tactics. In the contract this will be stated as something like, “if a product in your package becomes unavailable, a comparable product will be provided.” Make sure to note that if a comparable product is not available, that you should get an upgrade at no extra cost.

3. Hire an inspector if you do not want to do it yourself. There are people trained to make sure your contractors are doing a great job.

At All Seasons Pools, our professionals are trained to offer high-quality pool building services and also the best customer service. We will not try to scam or trick you! Call us today for a quote.

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