Swimming Pools Orlando FL: How to Maintain Your Pool

You can count on the professionals at All Seasons Pools to successfully design and install swimming pools in Orlando , FL, maintaining it is completely up to you. All Seasons Pools wants to help you! Follow these simple steps to keep your pool maintained year-round!

1. Get rid of debris – Skimming the surface of a pool with a net and emptying the skimmer basket on the side of the pool, takes only a minute. If you have trees or bushes that tend to shed a lot of debris into the pool, make sure to landscape well around the pool.

2. Vacuum – The average pool requires about 30 minutes of vacuuming. If you notice the hose is floating, it means there is either a hole in the line or the filter is full so the suctioning is hindered. Brush the algae off the sides of the pool by using a nylon brush on the vacuum pool.

3. Adjust the chemicals – Test and correct the pool chemistry weekly in your swimming pool in Orlando , FL. To read more on chemistry balance, click here.

4. Backwash the filter – First, turn the filter valve to “backwash” to redirect water flow. Most pools use either a diatomaceous earth (DE) filter, or a cartridge. In the DE filter, the remains of marine organisms do the the filtering and the backwash directs the dirt into a filter bag. This should be emptied every other week and replaced every couple of years. A cartridge can be removed and hosed off.

5. Clean the pump filter – Clean out the hair/lint catcher in the pump. Be sure to turn off the system before removing and emptying the basket.

6. Adding chlorine – If you have a chlorinator, that is a great way to put chlorine in the pool. Otherwise, a floating container will work as well. Add more chlorine when it’s hot outside and it is being more frequently used. Read here  to know how to maintain your pool and for more information on chlorine.

If you have any questions about maintaining your swimming pools in Orlando , FL, or questions about buying your own pool, call All Seasons Pools today! If you have a backyard, we can put a pool in it.

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