Taking Care of Pools in Orlando Florida – How to Winterize Your Pool

Although “winter” in Orlando, Florida is really more of an overstatement, it never hurts to know how to winterize your pool. The weather is unpredictable and it is always a good skill to know to keep your pool as healthy as possible. If you close your pool for months out of the year, you want to know that it will be ready for use when you go to use it again.

So here’s a step-by-step list below on how to winterize your pool.

1. Balance the Pool’s Chemicals – A week prior to closing the pool, make sure all the chemical levels are balanced. Alkaline levels should be between 80-120 PPM and calcium hardness should be around 200 PPM.

2. Lower the water & drain the pipes – It is obviously different for different types of pools but it’s typical to lower the pool’s water level to between three to five inches beneath the lowest level of plumbing. As for draining the water from the pipes, make sure to clear all water from every filter, heater, pump and chlorinator. Water that is left behind will freeze and damage the pool.

3. Clean – Clear all debris from your Orlando pool and make it as clean as possible before covering it up. Debris like leaves can create algae, stain the liner, or cause more problems when you try to reopen it next swimming season.

4. Remove all pool accessories – Make sure toys, ladders, handrails, diving boards, etc are removed. The pool cover will not fit with them still attached but you can also protect these accessories from potential damage that cold weather will cause.

5. Put the lid on – The cover for your Florida pool should fit snuggly. Make sure there are no holes or potential gaps that would allow debris to get into the pool.

Winterizing a pool can be difficult but there are always professionals to help you with that. Call All Seasons Pools for all of your Orlando, Florida swimming pools needs.